2012/3/26 "Austronesian International Arts Award 2012 With Maximum awarded: NT$400,000 Call for Entries" (1) Eligibility: Without restriction on ethnicity and nationality (2) Category: Graphical, three-dimensional or device-attached works made of single or mixed media (3) Submission Deadline for the Preliminary Selection: July 2~16, 2012 (Postmarked) (4) Recipient Location: Taitung Art Museum(No. 350, Zhejiang Rd., Taitung City, Taitung County 950, Taiwan) (5) Guidelines Download:Please log on to, search for the keyword “Austronesian International Arts Award 2012” or contact by e-mail ( Taitung Art Museum (No. 350, Zhejiang Rd., Taitung City, Taitung County 950, Taiwan) Deadline for the First Stage submission: July 2-16, 2012
2010/9/26 Chen Shichuan "Try It On If You Like" New Book Event 2F Arts & Culture Space, Taitung Story 15:00-16:00
2010/9/26 Alibangbang, Flying Fish Story-Telling: Just the Right Stripes 1F Children’s Department, Taitung Story Building 16:00-16:30
2010/9/25 Li Meng Painting Things - " From A Painting To A Room No.253 Warehouse of Taitung Railway Art Village 15:00-17:00
2010/9/25 2010 Dance Party - Aboriginal Dance Taitung Railway Art Village 19:30-21:00