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Development Plan

Development Strategies of Cultural Vision

  • Preface
    Culture is life, which cannot be managed or evaluated by statistical numbers, for culture not only creates economic effects but also bring invisible added values. Therefore, in the development strategies of cultural vision in Taitung, besides development strategies of economy, society, environment and space, “revitalization of local industry”, “creative industry of culture” and “rise of the standards of education and culture” are added as the main axes, in the hope that both software and hardware can improve at the same time. Taitung enjoys a variety of nature, humanities environment as well as rich local characteristics, and all these set the important foundation for the development of culture and creation industry. The vitality coming from the common public has the value of being an economy of aesthetics. Take cultural museums, community development and libraries in rural places as examples, our vision is to plan, construct and develop an ideal cultural environment for the use of culture and arts industry as well as pop culture industry according to the situation, local resources and environmental characteristics. Also, our vision is to encourage the citizens to participate in the creation, exhibitions and performing, so as to display the unique attractions and values of the pop culture in Taitung.
  • Development Strategies of Cultural Vision
    • Short-term Development Strategies (year 2007-2009)
      • Dedicate to the education of local talents such as holding arts seminars for instructors, training and making activity plans for professional groups of music, drama and dance as well as training cultural administration staff and volunteers.
      • Implement the project of Rock Action to make the local cultural circle an ideal environment.
      • Establish a society in which people love reading and pay due respect to one another. Enhance the function of literary creation and promote the preservation and management of invisible cultural heritage. 
    • Medium-term Development Strategies (year 2010-2012)
      • Complete dispersing community designers to each spot and enhance the functions of community cultural circles.
      • Construct an on-line platform for performing arts resources.
      • Set up parks of cultural relics, develop a community cultural heritage environment and promote tourism of culture and knowledge.
  • Long-term Development Strategies (year 2013-2015)
    • Complete constructing and transforming the County into a county of aesthetics and arts.
    • Set up community learning centers to connect the local culture to the world.