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Annual Projects

The 2008 Annual Administrative Goals and Points
The Taitung County Government has made the administrative plan for the year 2008, which is based on the political views that the Magistrate made explicit at the election, the general development plan of the County, the actual needs of the local construction and the budget available. Its goals and points are as follows:

  • Enhance and Promote Library Service to Advocate a Culture of Life-long Learning:
    Increase the number of books and audio-visual equipment in the library, enhance open-shelf service and reference service, plan promotion activities for education on books, hold exhibitions of books, provide consultation to libraries in rural places, continue to build a solid foundation for culture and provide training for cultural volunteers.
  • Enrich the Category of Arts and Raise the Quality of Visual Aesthetics of the Citizens:
    Carry out the operation of phase I Taitung Fine Arts Museum and design the construction of phase II. Integrate local cultures and revitalize them, arrange exhibitions of arts and culture, promote cultural exchange activities and develop characteristics of local arts.
  • Promote Arts and Culture and Make the Cultural Development of City and Village Stay in Balance:
    Promote, plan and carry out cultural activities, enhance the education and training for cultural construction personnel, collect and promote information on culture, realize the administrative policy goals of the County Government, promote “Rock Action – the Development Plan of Local Cultural Environment” and “Community Renaissance”, reinforce the operation and management of Mei-nong Artist Village and make plans to collect data concerning the culture and history of the Green Island as well as plan activities for the art tourism in places of interest.
  • Reinforce the Collection and Publication of Historical Literature, the Preservation and Management of the Cultural Heritage, the Maintenance and Management of the Museum of Aborigines and the County History Room:
    Reinforce the collection and publication of Taitung historical literature, preserve and manage the cultural heritage, collect and maintain data on the characteristics of the aborigines, maintain and manage the county history room, assist people who work in the related fields of literature and history, preserve and maintain historical architectures and promote the preservation of the cultural heritage in the off-shore islands.
  • Promote Performing Arts and Raise the Standards of Aesthetic Culture:
    Support projects of performing arts groups in the County, promote local characteristics of performing arts, provide platforms for performing arts, develop the culture of local performing arts, raise the standards of aesthetic taste of the citizens, subsidize the operation and creation of local groups, arrange opportunities to perform in the performing arts hall, encourage local groups to perform outside of the County, promote and develop local cultural activities to exemplify the characteristics of arts and culture in Taitung County, implement holiday cultural plaza activities and arrange touring in rural areas, hold performing activities featuring a special theme and maintain the facilities to sustain the quality of performance.