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  The Bureau belongs to the first-level organization of the Taitung County Government, with a director, a deputy director and an executive officer, and under them the bureau is structured into five sections, including Cultural Heritage Section, Arts Promotion Section, Library Management Section, Performing Arts Section and Visual Arts Section, with a total of 41 personnel working in the bureau.

Section/Office Services
Director’s Office  
Deputy Director’s Office  
Library Management Section Collects and arranges a variety of books and reference materials that meet the needs of the public as well as reflect the local characteristics. Provides on-line searching, digital resources, open-shelf service, reference service and information service. Assists in the development of libraries in rural places.
Performing Arts Section Implements performing arts activities, plans for holiday cultural plaza activities, registers and supports performing arts groups in the County, plans for activities concerning international exchange for performing arts, operates and manages the performance halls of Dr. Sun Yat-sen’s Memorial Hall as well as manages the cultural plaza of the Bureau.
Visual Arts Section Responsible for exhibitions of arts or creation of all kinds. Operates and manages the Railway Artist Village and plans for the art network of railway warehouses. Responsible for the installation of public art. Plans for the construction of Taitung Fine Arts Museum. Implements Taitung Art Exhibition as well as Taitung Senior Artist Award and Wen-hsin Award. Makes plans for activities concerning international exchange for visual arts. Responsible for the training of cultural volunteers and implementation of Hot Spring Art Festival.
Arts Promotion Section Promotes, plans and implements cultural activities. Responsible for “community renaissance”, cultural talks, seminars, activities for parents and children, the operation and management of Taitung Artist Village and plans for Du-lan Mountain Art Festival.
Cultural Heritage Section Responsible for cultural heritage and management and preservation of relics. Collects and preserves artifacts, publishes books on historical literature and periodicals. Manages the county history room and theme museum. Conducts research on and reutilizes historical architectures. Constructs off-shore islands – the cultural of Lanyu (Orchid Island, Yami Tribe). Provides consultation to the local culture museums.