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Product Name Month Production Place Characteristics
Passion Fruit Jun. – Feb. Donghe Township、Guanshan Township、Chihshang Township、Taimali Township、
Luye Township、
Taitung City
When someone mentions the Mid-Autumn Festival, we make the connection to pomelo, and when someone mentions pomelo we make the connection toMadou. In fact, Taitung County also has pomelo of the highest quality. Donghe and Cishang has just the right soil to grow pomelo that are extremely juicy and have fine texture. It is becoming very popular in the market.
Red Sugar Can Oct. – Feb Guanshan Township、Luye Township Over 300 hectares of red sugar can are grown in the fertile land of Guanshan and Luye. This species of sugar can comes in October and lasts till May next year. This species of sugar can is very sweet. Although it's not as famous as the Puli sugar can, the quality is never inferior and it is gradually becoming a star in the market.
Grape Fruit and White Pomelo Oct. – Jan. Donghe Township After the fall pomelo season ends, the season for great white pomelo comes in October and November. A large fruit weights as much as two to 3 kg. It is rich in vitamin C and great for health. Taitung's great white pomelo are mainly grown in the Taiyuan Valley (Donghe Township). You may want to look in the Taidong Expressway area if you're looking for this sumptuous fruit.
Mandarin Nov. – Feb. Donghe Township、Chenggong Township、Changbin Township、Taimali Township You don't see Mandarins with big belly buttons in the markets often. It is a specialty of the Chenggong and Donghe area. This species of Mandarin has obvious lumps on the skin like belly buttons. The fruit has fine texture and sweet juices. Although it is very popular in the market, the production capacity is not yet meeting the demand. Therefore, if you want to have a taste of the fruit, it is highly recommended that you make your reservation to the Farmers Association before winter comes.