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Product Name Month Production Place Characteristics
Sugar Apple Jan. – Mar.,

Jul. – Oct.
Beinan Township、Donghe Township、Taimali Township、Taitung City、
Luye Township
Sugar Apple has been very successful in Taitung. Fruits produced here are two to three times larger than the fruits produced in other places. The fruit season starts in July and extends to January of the next year. During the fruit season, large and fragrant fruits hang on the trees right by the side of the highway. Sweet with a taste of Honey, soft and yet chewy, some people in the country have even developed the Sugar Apple ice cream.
Pipa Jan. – Apr. Chihshang Township、Taimali Township、Beinan Township Pipa is a special fruit of spring. It comes to the market in late February and the peak season is in March. But the fruit season is rather short; it reaches the end in mid to late April. The fruit has thick and soft flesh, juicy and sweet. Don't forget to catch the season and have a feast of the sweet fruit this year.

Jan. – May., 

May. – Sep.

Chenggong Township、Guanshan Township、Dawu Township、Taimali Township、Beinan Township The Indian Jackfruit is a typical tropical fruit. The Taimali and Donghe area has just the right climate for it. Jackfruit has a very unique flavor, usually comes to the market between May and September and January to February. Other than the flesh, the fruit's threads and seeds are also edible.
Valencia Orange Feb. – Apr. Donghe Township、Chenggong Township、Guanshan Township Valencia is a species of orange endemic to a Portugal island. The famous Sunkist juice is made of this orange. In Taitung County, Valencia is mainly grown in the Guanshan, Chenggong, and Donghe area in the fruit season lies in between March and April. This species of orange takes approximately 14 months to grow and that is why it is extra sweet and fragrant. The Guanshan Farmers Association gave it an interesting and easy-to-remember name - the fragrant orange.
Daylily May. – Oct. Taimali Township、Chihshang Township、Jinfong Township、Changbin Township Taitung has 3800 hectares of daylilies, stretching from the Beinan area to Donghe and Taimali, especially famous is the millennium sunrise of Taimali. From August to October every year, flocks after flocks of tourists flood into this area to see the golden flowers of daylily, and the farmers serve up the local delights of daylily gourmet.