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About Taitung
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Product Name Month Production Place Characteristics
Roselle Nov. – Dec. Jinfong Township、Taimali Township、
Luye Township、
Beinan Township
The hills of Luye, Beinan, Yanping, and Taimali are the major production areas of Roselle. Its fresh red color is often used as a natural coloring. Other than its special color, The flavor is also enchanting - sourish sweet - it is one of the favorites of the young ladies. Roselle blossoms from December to January of next year. It is often made into juices and jams. You can find the products in most shops in this area.
Fulu Tea All Year Luye Township、
Beinan Township
Luye Terrace is one of the most famous tea production areas in Taitung County. There are over 400 hectares of tea plantations on this expanse of terrace. You will certainly know where you are because the fragrant of tea will bring you along the hill trails up to the terrace. The tea shops up the hills are preparing freshly made Fulu tea for the visitors.
Taifeng Tea All Year Taimali Township、Jinfong Township Taifeng tea, on the other hand, is a newly developed product. The Taimali and Jinfeng Township area was originally farms of daylily. As the prices of daylily fluctuate, farmers began to turn their daylily orchards into tea plantations. The humidity in this area is perfect for green-core Oolong, Jinxuan, and Cuiyu. Teas produced here are mostly quality products.
Skipjack Tuna Jerky All Year Chenggong Township、Taimali Township Endowed with the black tide, Chenggong Port has rich fishery resources. Spearfish, Tuna, and Skipjack Tuna are representative products of Chenggong, especially the "wood-fire fish jerky" made from skipjack tuna. Only the muscles at the back of the belly are chosen to make the fish jerky. Raw fish meat is steamed and grilled into chunks and then shaved into thin slices. It is a natural seasoning common to the households in Taiwan.