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The Natural Environment

Taitung climateClimate is essential tourism and agriculture. Taitung County is south of the Tropic of Cancer with in the belt of the seasonal wind. Therefore, it is mostly in the tropical and tropical mountain weather.

Affected by the black tide and the mountain ridges, the average temperature is higher than the west side of Taiwan by 0.5°C, and the plain area is higher than the hill area. Taitung has an average temperature of 24.5°C, and Lanyu (Orchid Island) is 22.6°C since it's surrounded by the ocean. If the monthly average temperature above 22°C is classified as summer, other than Lanyu (Orchid Island), Taitung has eight to nine months of summer.

Affected by the seasonal wind and typhoon, Taitung has abundant rain with an annual average of 1890.6mm. The rain season starts from May and ends in October, and the drought season comes in November and ends in April. The rain season has four times of rain fall than the drought season.

Taitung has shorter day hours than the West Coast. The coastline area has 1530hr to 1950hr of daylight, which is higher in July and August at approximately 215hr and increases southward. Lanyu (Orchid Island) has an average monthly daylight of 120hr and the mountainsides have varied daylight hours between 65 and 250hr, depending on the elevation, exposure, and the location.