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The Natural Environment
Treasured Resources

-Shining Pearl-

Birdwing Butterfly

Lanyu (Orchid Island) is a beautiful small island southeast of Taiwan. It is endowed with unique natural and cultural resources, especially the pearl-shine birdwing butterflies. The largest butterfly in Taiwan, Birdwing Butterfly, has different charisma – the golden rear-wings reflect sunlight into a shining pearl luster and that is why it's called the shining pearls.
[Special thanks to Taitung County Lanyu (Orchid Island) Ecology and Culture Preservation Association]

-The Rare Treasure-

Coconut Crabs

The world’s largest hermit crab is the Coconut Crab. It was originally abundant on the Greek Island, but because of its gigantic size, slow movement, and tasty meat, it is often caught and sold even to Taiwan. Therefore, it is now a rare species under protection.
-Protection Required-
Lanyu (Orchid Island) Yew
Lanyu (Orchid Island) Yew is mainly found on the coastline coral reefs of Lanyu (Orchid Island). The endemic clusters are almost extinct. Lanyu (Orchid Island) Yew is a plant not found on the island of Taiwan. Since its discovery, this plant began to be chopped down and sold outside of the island. It is almost extinct now and needs protection urgently.