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The Natural Environment

PhalaenopsisTaitung County is rich in botanic ecology, which can be divided into two categories - endemic clusters and man-made forests. The endemic clusters can be further divided into the coastal cluster, coastal mountain cluster, and the Central Mountain Ridge cluster.

The Coastal Reef Cluster: carbonated soil contents high sodium and high pH. The coastal line is evaded by strong wind; therefore, it is a very dry ground. Plants in this area are mostly evergreens that are drought and draft resistant, including Pemphis, cauliflower, Scaevola, Beach Morning Glory, and Myoporum, and spread mainly in Sansiantai and little Yeliou area.

Sand Beach Cluster: sand retains water poorly and that this stretch of land is exposed to strong drafts. Plants that resist high sodium and droughts mainly on the sand soil near the tidal line, including Zoysia Grass, Myoporum, seashore saltgrass, and the saltgrass scorpion.

Shrub Cluster: they are mainly found behind the sand beach plants, including screw pine, Common Lantana, and more.

The River Shore Cluster: west side valley sand ground: plants of this category include Coriaria intermedia Matsum, Pyracantha coccinea, Sageretia theezans, Stachyurus himalaicus, silvergrass, Miscanthus, Narenga porphyrocoma, and Horse Chestnut.

pictureRiver shore with thicker soil: Bishopwood, Papermulberry, Radermachia, Ficus nervosa, Ficus, Fagara nitida, yello wild lily, Asian toddalia, Zanthoxylum ovalifolium, India-charcoal Trema, Mallotus japonicus, Macaranga tanarius, Mallotus paniculatus, Rolfe's Raspberry, China Sumac, and E.chinensis.

East of the Mountain Ridge: the plants are similar to the west side, except there are no Coriaria intermedia Matsum, Pyracantha coccinea, Stachyurus himalaicus, and Radermachia.

The Central Mountain Ridge cluster: include the frigid zone forests - Subalpine fir, spruce, Tsuga chinensis, Huashan Fir, formosana Rehder, Cedar, Taiwania crvptomerioides, Cedrus, Pand inus taiwanensis Hayata. Warm climate broad-leaf and needle forests – red cedar, cypress, Taiwania crvptomerioides, wilsoniana, Calocedrus formosana, Pinus morrisonicola, Pinus taiwanensis, and Cephalotaxus wilsoniana, as well as Tsuga chinensis, Picea morrisonicola, formosana Rehder, Cedar, and Common Juniper.

Man-made Plantations: (1) Rice: rice paddies are mostly located in the river plains, shores, and a small portion in the coast steps. Dry farmlands mostly spread in the terraces of the river shores and low elevation hills. (2) Manmade forests: beach sheoak, White Popinac, Acacia confuse, China Berry, almond, Giant-leaved marking-nut, Taiwan guayule, camphor, and velvet apple. (3) Road Trees: beach sheoak, Madagascar almond, White Popinac, coconut, beetle nut, Hibiscus, and Autumn maple tree. (4) Dry crops: corn, yam, soy bean, red bean, peanut, and chest nut. (5) Others: vegetables/fruits: pineapples, papaya, longan, lychee, star fruit, wax apple, sugar apple, grape, orange, and mango. Special crops: lemongrass, beetle nut leaves, ginger, cocoa, sugar can, linen, castor, bamboo, and herbage.