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The Natural Environment

Taitung geologicalGeological landscape is one of the most important tourism resources of Taitung County. The whole county is divided into four sections-the Central Mountain Ridge, the coastal mountain ridges, the river valley plains, and the volcanic islands.

The Central Mountain Ridge has a very solid rock structure, which was due to violence compression; therefore, the rock layers are almost vertical. The areas along the South Expressway have rich contemporary composites, especially the contemporary river shore steps in Lidao and Wulu areas.

The coastal ridge is an area of volcanic activities and submarine landslide. The coastal expressway cut through a series of pleads, faults, sand hills, and protruding coral reefs. Such geological features create the mud volcanoes at the south section of the coastal ridges. The long stretch of mud-rock from Liji to Fuli is called the badlands.

The river valley plains are mainly piled up by fallen rocks from the Central Mountain Ridge and the coastal ridge. Land collapsed, ocean receded, and the old riverbed was raised by composites - such geographical activities created the varied steps and composite delta.

The volcanic islands were originally submarine volcanoes at Lanyu (Orchid Island). The rising movement pushed the volcanoes to the surface and sea water erosions shaped the volcanoes into cliffs and interesting rocks.