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Borrowing Procedures and Policies

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Borrowing Policies

  • Taitung County Government (hereinafter referred to as the Government) hereby stipulates the procedures and policies required to regulate the borrowing and returning of items and relevant services at the library of Bureau of Cultural Affairs under the Government.
  • Books in the Children’s Reading Room and Open-stack Reading Room in the library can be checked out.
  • Each borrower can borrow eight (8) books for twenty-eight (28) days. The maximum is four (4) books from each library. Items out on loan cannot be renewed. Reservations can be made with the limit of four (4) books in one single library.
  • Borrowing Procedures:
    • Borrowing items: Library card, books, and password should be presented to the library staff.
    • Pre-schoolers cannot borrow books unless parents or legal guardians are present.
  • When returning books, hand them to the library staff.
  • Check for damage or remarks or marks before checking out books to avoid liability to compensation upon returning books.
  • Remarks, marks, damage, or loss of books/items are prohibited. Fines can be levied for any misdemeanour.
  • Fines:
    • If a lost or damaged item caused by any borrower has to be replaced, the responsible borrower shall purchase the same item or of a latest version and return it to the library. If such an item cannot be found and purchased, the librarians are empowered to levy a fine equal to the purchased price of the item.
    • Fines on minors are in compliance with Article 187 of Civil Law as well as the previous policy.
  • For late return on any item, the borrower will be suspended from borrowing for the number of days the item is overdue.