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Explore Taitung
Impressions of Beauty
east coast
The East Coast is surrounded by beautiful coastline and stunning mountains. Situated right in between the ocean and continental plates, movement of the two plates created the mountains, sliced the hills into rivers, and eroded rocks into beautiful sculptures. Geological activity gave Taitung special sights and sounds. The mountains in the west of Taitung are majestic and mystical. Rivers run through them and intertwine into spectacular natural beauty. Between the mountains and the ocean, valleys and plains weave the beauty of nature's creations.
The East Coast is mainly made up of pebble beaches, sandy beaches, rock cliffs, and coral reefs. Sanxiantai and Xiaoyeliu are the most unique and majestic of all. The whole area is adorned by sea eroded terraces, caves, and trenches. The caves and trenches are the best proof of past geological activity.
Impressions of Travel
Taitung scenic spot
Other than the vibrant indigenous culture, Changbing and Beinan’s prehistoric sites make Taitung a popular destination. The natural resources here are even more diverse. Taitung has cliffs, valleys, waterfalls, creeks, lakes, hot springs, rock coasts, coral reefs, and outlying islands. All these places are home to a wide variety of plants and animals. The appeal of the simple Taitung lifestyle will certainly tempt you to come down here. Taitung's recreation hotspots can be divided into the South Link, the East Rift Valley, the East Coast, Zhiben, Downtown Taitung, Green Island, and Orchid Island.
You can choose to check out the East Rift Valley, drive along the coast, take a boat to go whale watching or take a plane to the outlying islands. For something more relaxing, soak yourself in the hot springs, or just simply take a stroll in nature and enjoy the local cuisine. Taitung is the best choice for any style of travel.
Impressions of Agriculture
taitung environment
Ideal environment and climate endow Taitung with abundant resources. The Kuroshio Current in the Pacific Ocean brings Taitung abundant fishing resources. The East Rift Valley is home to famous rice. Tea leaves, daylilies, and Roselle are treasures of mountainous Taitung. Taitung not only satisfies you visually, but also give you the best treats to satisfy your palette.
Impressions of Diversity
Taitung culture
Taitung is home to seven ethnicities: the Bunun, Paiwan, Lukai, Amis, Beinan, Yamis, and Kavalan. The high diversity is unique not only in Taiwan, but also with the rest of the world. The high density of indigenous people brings Taitung vivid cultural diversity.