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TitleDate Published
2023 International Austronesian Art Exchange: Magistrate Yao Aims to Bridge Taitung and Hawaiian Maritime Cultures, Eyes Festival of Pacific Arts Participation2023-12-08
2024 Taiwan International Balloon Festival Unveiled: Weekly Spectacular Light Shows, Drone Displays, and Fireworks Performances2023-12-08
Taitung County Sweeps Four Awards at Taiwan's Health and Age-Friendly City Honors, Aiming to Set National Benchmark2023-11-23
First-Ever Taitung Iced Coffee Creative Masters Competition Crowns Chen Chang and Chieh-Hsin Tseng as Top Winners2023-11-14
Business Today Honors Taitung County Magistrate with 'Best Leader Trust Award' for Achieving 84.8% Satisfaction Rate in Sustainable City SDGs Survey2023-11-01
Taitung County Declares Taiwan's Largest Eastern Organic Farming Zone: Magistrate Yao Commits to Ongoing Organic Agriculture Promotion.2023-10-23
Zhiben Hot Spring Festival in Taitung Opens Until New Year's Day 2024: Welcome to Soak and Experience the Autumn Vibes2023-10-16
The Association of Taiwan Investment Enterprises on the Mainland Donates Generously: Supports Taitung Students and Vulnerable Cases with 5 Million NTD.2023-10-12
Happier Aging: Samuluh Tribal Cultural Health Station Wins in AR Fitness Finals, Taitung County Plans to Expand by 3 Stations2023-10-06
2023 CommonWealth Magazine Poll: Taitung County Magistrate Ching-Ling Yao Earns High Approval for Five Consecutive Years2023-09-25
Taitung County Joins Global Organic Farming Group, Promoting Sustainable Agriculture and Youth Farmer Exchange2023-09-18
Taitung County Shines in Social Safety Net: Earns Top Ratings and Awards2023-09-11
2023 Taiwan International Hot Air Balloon Festival: Gathering 1.16 Million People Ends Perfectly2023-09-05
Creating a Platform for Indigenous Maritime Cultural Exchange - TTaitung County Government to Host Austronesian Navigation Culture Seminar on September 3rd. You are welcome to register.2023-08-28
Promotion of Legal Operation for Micro Camping Sites: First Land Permit Issued in Taitung County2023-08-22
‘Slow Economy College’ Reopens: Taitung County Magistrate Calls on Youths to Engage in Strengthening Local Talent Development2023-08-07
Taitung County Magistrate Praised: 80% Approval in Governance Survey, Taitung Wins Gold Awards in Tourism and Art for Third Consecutive Year2023-07-31
Taitung County Government Makes History with Taiwan's First AI Drawing Contest: Firefighter Chih-Chun Chang Takes Top Prize; County Magistrate Yao Honors Top 10 Finalists2023-07-25
Dr. Hua-Hsi Hung of Taitung MacKay Memorial Hospital Receives the Purple Ribbon Award 2023 for Children Protection Efforts2023-07-17
National Social Welfare Supervisor Coordinating Conference Held in Taitung: Integrating Resources to Create an All-Age Happy and Safe Home2023-07-12