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TitleDate Published
The Moonlight and Ocean Music Festival, as part of the TEC Land Arts Festival, was held in August, and attracted a grand total of approximately 6000 tourists to share in a joyous Father’s Day Festival2017-11-15
Mark – A surfing coach from New Zealand.2017-10-12
Let’s Go Home Special Shape Balloon Party: Over 480,000 Visitors Flock to Taitung to Take Part in This Year’s Hot Air Balloon Festival2017-09-02
NATAS Holiday Fair: Magistrate Huang2017-08-01
Dreams Begin in Taitung2017-07-04
2016 Taiwan Open of Surfing with NTD 2.5 Million in Prize Money Taking Place in Jinzun, Taitung Nov. 23-27 with Top Pro Surfers and Celebrities2016-11-23
Magistrate Huang Welcomes All to Opening of 2016 Austronesian Culture Festival Embroidery Exhibition2016-10-30
A-Lin Comes Home to Perform at 2016 Chishang Autumn Rice Harvest and Art Festival2016-10-29
2016 Taiwan Open of Surfing with NTD 2.5 Million in Prize Money to Take Place in Jinzun, Taitung Nov. 23-27 with Celebrity How Yao and Pros from around the World2016-10-19
Taitung County Government Signboard Design Workshops to Promote New Aesthetic and Safety2016-09-10
Lonely Planet Promotes Taitung as One of Top Ten Tourist Destinations in Asia2016-08-22
Don’t Let Nepartak Get You Down, Taitung! Cloud Gate Dance Theater Holds Free Outdoor Performance in Tribute to Courage of Taitung2016-07-17
Magistrate Huang Thanks Pilots and Visitors as 2016 Taiwan International Balloon Festival Resumes July 17 with 7 Specially-Shaped Balloons2016-07-17
Hot Air Balloon Night Glow Concert in Zhiben Announces Taitung Is Back on Its Feet Magistrate Huang Expresses Gratitude for Aid and Invites All to Support Taitung through Tourism2016-07-17
Turning Crisis Around and Going Beyond Recovery Magistrate Huang to Make Taitung More Advanced2016-07-14
Japanese Pilot Claims Victory at First Taiwan International Balloon Challenge Cup2016-07-06
2016 Taiwan International Balloon Festival to Paint the Skies of Luye from 7/1 to 8/72016-06-30
Magistrate Huang Once Again Named 5-Star Magistrate with 72% Satisfaction Rate in Global Views Monthly Magazine’s 2016 Degree of Satisfaction Survey for Local Leaders2016-05-20
Taitung’s Beauty Augmented with Clean Air2016-04-22
Magistrate Huang Establishes Exchange Relationship with Japan under 300 Model Hot Air Balloons Hanging from Prefecture Hall2016-03-09