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TitleDate Published
Taitung to Learn about Being a Slow City from South Korea2016-03-05
Taitung County Government Visits South Korea to Promote Tourism2016-03-04
Eastern Taiwan’s First Canine Search and Rescue Team Established2016-02-10
Mie Prefecture Governor Eikei Suzuki Visits Taitung County Government Magistrate Huang Emphasizes Cooperation and Exchange2016-01-21
Becoming an International City of Happiness Taitung County Government Signs MOU with Iga and Shima Cities of Mie Prefecture, Japan2016-01-21
“NTTU and Industrial-Academic-Government Strategic Alliance” Established to Nurture Makers and Promote Taitung2016-01-13
International Immigrant Day Celebration on 12/19 at Tiehua Business District2015-12-15
Come Enjoy First Rays of 2016 at Sanxiantai and Help Protect the Beautiful Environment!2015-12-10
Welcome the New Year with Bikini Beach Run and Concert at Taimali Beach2015-12-10
Taitung County Government and Mandarin Airlines Team up to Fly Chartered Planes for New Year’s Day2015-12-06
Surf Stars from around Globe Brave Cold Front for 2015 Taiwan Open at Jinzun Beach2015-11-25
Hot Air Balloon Journey to the East, Win a Free Flight!2015-11-16
Smart Taitung Linked to the World—Press Conference on Achievements in Entering Big Data Era and Furthering Smart Government2015-11-10
Magistrate Huang Welcomes All to Enjoy Tasty Sailfish and Navel Oranges in Charming Chenggong2015-11-04
Takeshi Tree Gains Protection While All Are Encouraged to Safeguard Chishang’s Future2015-10-31
Chishang Bike Path Selected as One of Top Ten Bike Routes Nationwide2015-10-30
Taitung’s Hot Air Balloon Makes International Friends at Balloon Fiesta in Saga, Japan!2015-10-28
2015 Liveable Taitung—Healthy City Jinfeng Township Wins Community and Local Government Office Awards Magistrate Huang Calls on Government and People to Make Taitung International City of Happiness2015-10-27
Taitung Named 2nd Happiest City by Economic Daily News Magistrate Huang Vows County Government Will Continue Work to Make Taitung a Happy International City2015-09-30
First Time for Passengers of Taiwan Tourist Shuttle Rift-Valley Line to Exceed 10,000 for Single Month Take a Ride and Enjoy the Beauty of Fields and Natural Scenery!2015-09-21