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Taiwan Pandemic Update!

  • Date:2021-06-09

As the COVID-19 situation continues to grow, the nation has gone into Level 3 restrictions. Masks are to be worn at all times when venturing out, indoor social gatherings are limited to five people, and ten for outdoor activities. All nonessential business and public venues are to be closed, and the public is being asked to avoid unnecessary outings. Visitors are asked to be aware of the many new regulations the county is mandating

1. Foreign travelers border control
As COVID-19 continues to be a global pandemic, flight transits through Taiwan have been discontinued. Individuals without valid residency permits and non-Taiwanese citizens will be denied entry (Special permits may be granted for emergencies or humanitarian reasons). These border restrictions will be carried out until June 18th, when adjustments may be made according to the pandemic situation.

2. Information on tourist destination and event changes

The following tourist destinations will be closed to the public:
– Chishang Dapo Lake, Mr. Brown Avenue, Chishang Story House, Peinan Cultural Park, Duoliang Station, Jinfeng Township recreational attractions: closed until June 14th
– Wulu Fort Park, Lisong Hot Spring: closed until June 14th
– Jiaming Lake National Trail and the campgrounds and cabins along the trail: closed until June 14th
– Tiehua Music Village: closed until June 14th
– Luye Highland Grass Slide and Kite Park: closed until June 14th
– Zhiben Forest Recreation Area and DaWu Mountain Eco-Education Center: closed until June 14th
– ShanYuan Beach is closed until further notice
– Taitung Forest Park and Taitung Flowing Lake are closed until further notice
– Fushan Fisheries Resources Conservation Area is closed until further notice
– Guanshan Waterfront Park is closed until further notice
– King Kong Avenue is closed until further notice

Event changes (the new dates will be announced according to the COVID-19 situation):
– 2021 Green Island Endurance Swimming Challenge: canceled
– 2021 Chishang Spring Plowing A Melodic Dapo Lake: canceled
– 5/22 Hello Kitty Balloon Maiden flight: postponed
– 6/5 Starry Taitung Night Concert- Baxian Caves: postponed
– Starry Taitung Night Concert Tour Guide Training: postponed
– 5/29 East Coast Cycling Trip- Old Guanshan Station: postponed
– East Coast Land Art Festival Moonlight Sea Concert Opening show: postponed to July 22nd
– All night markets in Taitung County: closed until June 14th

3. Transportation
– Taiwan trip- East Coast Main Line: not operating until June 14th
– Taiwan trip- East Rift Valley Line: not operating until June 8th
– Ferries between Houbihu and Orchid Island: not operating between May 20th -June 14th.

4. Other venue regulations
– all entertainment businesses and venues will be closed
– Restaurants in Taitung County are take out only (include night market and other vendors).
– Religious venues are closed to the public (No Services, No Mass, No Worshipping)

5. Taitung COVID-19 Testing
The eight County-appointed testing facilities are: MOHW Taitung Hospital, Taitung Christian Hospital, Taipei Veterans General Hospital Taitung Branch, Taitung MacKay Memorial Hospital, Buddhist Tzu Chi Medical Foundation Guanshan Tzu Chi Hospital, MOHW Taitung Hospital Chenggong Branch, Lanyu Township Public Health Center, Green Island Township Public Health Center.

If you or your friends have been in high-risk COVID-19 areas, and exhibit fever, upper respiratory system symptoms, loss of taste, or smell, please properly put on a mask and go to one of the testing facilities listed above. Please do not use public transportation, and tell medical staff about who you’ve been in contact with, where you have traveled, and your symptoms. Providing highly accurate information will help your doctors be able to diagnose and treat you correctly.

6. COVID-19 information inquiry
You can browse theTaitung News,Taitung County Public Health Bureau COVID-19 Section, or contact the Taitung Public Hotline: 1999

As COVID-19 has moved to a community spreading stage, we ask everyone to cooperate with the regulations. Please wash your hands frequently, be aware of coughing etiquette, mask-wearing, and other protective measures, reduce unnecessary activities and gatherings, and avoid crowded and high-risk areas.