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Taitung County Government Makes History with Taiwan's First AI Drawing Contest: Firefighter Chih-Chun Chang Takes Top Prize; County Magistrate Yao Honors Top 10 Finalists

  • Date:2023-07-25

The Taitung County Government recently organized an innovative AI image generation competition, attracting 61 entries from Taitung County officials and affiliated agencies. After a democratic voting process, ten outstanding winners emerged. Among them, Chih-Chun Chang, a talented artist from the Taitung County Fire Department, secured the top spot with his captivating creation titled 'Rice Wave X Hot Air Balloon X Taitung Blue.' On July 20th, Taitung County Magistrate Ching-Ling Yao presented the prestigious award during a significant executive meeting. In addition to the coveted medal and prize money, the winner was granted an exclusive privilege— a VIP pass to the Chinatrust Brothers' regular-season games. Magistrate Yao expressed that this event not only showcased the county's commitment to embracing new technology but also inspired employees to harness AI tools, elevating work efficiency.


The Personnel Department of Taitung County Government revealed that the competition revolved around Taitung's captivating scenery and cultural essence as the primary design elements. Participants brought their written descriptions to life by utilizing the designated AI drawing platform (Microsoft Bing) to create mesmerizing artwork infused with the spirit of Taitung. Their innovative creations showcased a wide array of visual effects, including oil paintings, watercolors, and photography. The selection process involved colleagues from various departments casting their votes to identify the ten most outstanding winners. This engaging evaluation not only allowed colleagues to appreciate the exceptional artwork but also fostered a shared learning experience, promoting a deeper understanding of the remarkable advancements and convenience of AI technology.


The first-place winner, Chih-Chun Chang, a dedicated firefighter from the Taitung County Fire Department, revealed how he sometimes uses AI drawing tools to create presentation backgrounds in his daily work. The user-friendly and swift operation allows him to effortlessly produce graphics based on simple text instructions, greatly enhancing the convenience of his work presentations. His remarkable achievement among numerous participants fills him with gratitude and joy. Furthermore, Chang generously shared some valuable application techniques, underscoring the importance of precise instructions to achieve the desired graphic effects.


Magistrate Yao emphasized that the application of AI technology continues to expand into various industries, with plans to offer employees more training and learning opportunities in the future. She encourages them to harness AI tools to boost work efficiency and foster creativity. The competition provided a platform for employees to showcase their talents, learn, and exchange ideas. Magistrate Yao is optimistic that the widespread adoption of AI in public services will drive innovation and development, benefiting the people of Taitung!