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Taitung County Magistrate Praised: 80% Approval in Governance Survey, Taitung Wins Gold Awards in Tourism and Art for Third Consecutive Year

  • Date:2023-07-31

The Taiwan International News Media Association has announced the results of the satisfaction survey conducted on July 26th, evaluating cities and counties in Taiwan. Taitung County has emerged as an outstanding performer, securing 3 gold and 5 silver medals across 11 governance aspects. Notably, Taitung County has achieved consecutive gold awards in Tourism and Art and Culture, showcasing its unwavering commitment to excellence in these domains. Additionally, the county has been honored with a prestigious gold award for its top-notch public safety measures, while garnering silver medals for mayor satisfaction, traffic, social welfare, environmental protection, and happiness. These remarkable achievements are a testament to Magistrate Ching-Ling Yao's commendable leadership, as reflected in the overwhelming approval from over 80% of county residents. During the award ceremony, Chief Secretary Ming-Chien Liu accepted the accolades on behalf of Magistrate Yao, expressing heartfelt appreciation for the positive feedback and trust bestowed upon the county. Looking ahead, Magistrate Yao reaffirmed her dedication to leading the team and further enhancing Taitung as a cherished and contented place to call home.


The Satisfaction Survey of Cities and Counties in Taiwan has entered its 5th year, and the Taiwan International News Media Association has commissioned the Apollo Survey & Research Co. Ltd to conduct the 5th edition of the ‘施政用心、人民有感’ (Governance with Care, People's Well-being) nationwide mayor and county magistrate governance satisfaction evaluation. The survey covers not only the satisfaction levels of mayors and county magistrates but also includes 11 governance aspects: 'Public Safety,' 'Economic Development,' 'Traffic,' 'Environmental Protection,' 'Healthcare,' 'Social Welfare,' 'Education Quality,' 'Tourism,' 'Art and Culture,' and 'Happiness.' With a focus on “Governance with Care, People's Well-being”, the survey aims to provide valuable insights into the effectiveness and impact of governmental policies and initiatives at the local level.


Taitung County Magistrate Ching-Ling Yao expressed her administration's commitment to promoting the 'Slow Economy Lifestyle' and implementing 'Efficient Governance with Quick Thinking' since taking office. A strong emphasis on tourism development has been placed, guided by the principle of leveraging the county's natural assets for growth. These efforts have garnered widespread praise from the community, with many residents acknowledging the substantial contributions to Taitung's tourism and cultural sectors over the past 2 to 3 years.


Over the past four years, the Taitung County Government has embraced the guiding principles of 'Openness, Integration, and Innovation,' leading to significant strides in addressing long-standing challenges and implementing progressive advancements in development and welfare initiatives. As a result, Taitung residents have experienced a newfound sense of confidence and pride in their community. These achievements owe much to the unwavering support and approval from proactive council members, local stakeholders, and the county's residents. Looking ahead, the county government team remains firmly dedicated to pursuing further endeavors, ensuring the enduring happiness and prosperity of the people of Taitung.


The Taitung County Government proudly announces this year's latest survey results, revealing that Magistrate Yao has received overwhelming approval from over 80% of county residents, earning a prestigious silver award for mayor governance satisfaction. Notably, Taitung has always excelled in public safety, securing a well-deserved gold award in the "Public Safety" category. Following the containment of the pandemic, Taitung County experienced a remarkable surge in domestic tourism. The county's dedicated efforts in promoting its breathtaking natural beauty led to a well-deserved gold award for "Tourism" governance satisfaction, maintaining its top position for three consecutive years. In the "Art and Culture" governance aspect, Magistrate Yao's proactive approach in establishing Taitung as a cultural hub and an island of artistic expression earned the county another gold award for three consecutive years. Taitung County's impressive accomplishments continue to captivate, making it a standout performer in the region.