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‘Slow Economy College’ Reopens: Taitung County Magistrate Calls on Youths to Engage in Strengthening Local Talent Development

  • Date:2023-08-07

"Your role is immensely vital—never underestimate yourselves."
 To put the slow economic governance principles into action and empower determined young minds to engage in public affairs, propelling the progress of Taitung County, the second installment of the "Youth Leadership Empowerment Camp" under the "Slow Economy College" was inaugurated on August 3rd. Taitung County Magistrate Ching-Ling Yao graced the occasion, offering words of motivation to the participants. Beyond merely expounding on the tenets of the slow economic approach, she aspires to cultivate a cadre of adept individuals who grasp the essence of this philosophy and comprehend sustainable development. These future torchbearers will be empowered to reshape the county's future by employing social design and innovative approaches, ultimately fostering an improved development environment for the welfare of local residents.


Magistrate Yao shared her warm welcome to all the participants of the "Youth Leadership Empowerment Camp" at the Slow Economy College. She emphasized that the college's core mission is to amplify the impact of the slow economy philosophy and nurture a greater number of Taitung locals who hold a deep appreciation for their land, culture, and way of life. Magistrate Yao further highlighted the evolving definition of a Taitung resident, noting that it now encompasses a broader spectrum of individuals who share an affinity for Taitung's land and culture. This inclusivity extends beyond birthplace or current residence. Anyone who identifies themselves as a Taitung resident is embraced and welcomed into the Taitung community.


Magistrate Yao further explained that Taitung County Government has been consistently advancing the slow economy philosophy in recent years, giving rise to a range of signature Taitung events like the Hot Air Balloon Festival, Taiwan Open of Surfing, Starry Taitung, and TTStyle Food. Additionally, Taitung County has even introduced unique products like Red Oolong tea and Left Bank of The Pacific Taitung Coffee, which blend local agriculture with tourism, demonstrating the concrete impact of Taitung's slow economy on local revitalization. Concurrently, the county government launched the "Taitung Hi-way" regional brand to invigorate the East Coast's distinctive industries, using a branding approach to create fresh attractions for East Coast tourism. These initiatives collectively embody the symbiotic relationship between Taitung's residents, their environment, and the ethos of unhurried living.


The International Development and Planning Department of Taitung County Government revealed that the second session of the "Youth Leadership Empowerment Camp" at the Slow Economy College is geared towards ambitious young individuals in the county who are eager to be part of public affairs and shape Taitung's future. The carefully crafted curriculum not only introduces administrative concepts like policy planning and local governance but also includes collaborative courses on citizen participation, public-private partnerships, and engagement with non-profit organizations. The program aims to equip participants with a well-rounded perspective and international insights, covering topical global issues like sustainable development, energy policies, and the global financial landscape. By exploring both global concerns and Taiwan's future, the workshops seek to broaden the horizons of the participants, fostering their abilities to contribute effectively to Taitung's progress.


The International Development and Planning Department also highlighted that Magistrate Yao has a longstanding vision of nurturing talents in social innovation, showcasing the captivating environment and high-quality lifestyle of Taitung. This vision spans six key policy areas: industry, construction, technology, arts, social welfare, and indigenous affairs, all converging to create the distinct essence of "Taitung Blue." This session focuses on local youth, serving as the fundamental building blocks of the county's administrative efforts. Magistrate Yao attaches great importance to the participating students and the outcomes of their training. The lectures for this session feature prominent figures from industry, government, and academia, each chosen for their expertise and experience. The aspiration is for the participants to enthusiastically absorb knowledge and contribute to Taitung’s future development.