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Promotion of Legal Operation for Micro Camping Sites: First Land Permit Issued in Taitung County

  • Date:2023-08-22

In a recent development, the Taitung County Government issued its first-ever land permit for a micro camping site in the Hualien-Taitung region. County Magistrate Ching-Ling Yao personally presented the official approval letter during her special visit to the Zhenbin Tribal Village (Makrahay) in Changbin Township on August 8th. Highlighting the increasing popularity of camping as a prominent outdoor recreational activity in the country, Magistrate Yao emphasized the county's proactive measures to ensure potential micro camping site operators are well-informed about the application regulations and procedures. Notably, Taitung has taken the lead by collaborating with local township offices to streamline camping site applications, making it the first county in Taiwan to allow applications to be processed directly at township offices. Additional informative sessions are scheduled for August in three townships, including Changbin, as part of the ongoing efforts to guide the legalization of micro camping sites and further stimulate Taitung's tourism development.


Magistrate Yao commended, "First and foremost, congratulations to Mr. Li for successfully clearing the initial stage, and we extend our appreciation for his patience and determination throughout the process of pursuing the legalization of the micro camping site. Considering the pivotal role camping sites play in ensuring visitor safety, a thorough evaluation involving 7 different departments both within and outside the county, including the Transportation and Tourism Development Department, Public Works Department, Indigenous People Department, Agriculture Department, Land Administration Department, Environmental Protection Bureau, and Fire Department, is imperative. This comprehensive review process naturally demands a considerable amount of time."


In a move to encourage outdoor recreation, last July, the central government revised regulations to allow the establishment of micro camping sites on agricultural and forestry land under 1 hectare in rural areas. Responding in tandem, the county government streamlined the application process and collaborated with 16 city and township offices, and Taitung County Civil Service Center to facilitate submissions. Following the guidelines outlined in the "Camping Site Management Regulations," the application process comprises two phases: securing land permits, and subsequent construction and registration. The recent milestone arrived in late July as Taitung issued its very first land permit after an exhaustive review by 7 county bureaus—a precedent-setting move expected to fuel a surge in applications for these micro camping sites moving forward.


The inaugural land permit has been granted for a camping site nestled in Changbin Township. This site is the brainchild of a father-son duo named the Li family, who made the move from northern Taiwan to embrace Taitung's leisurely lifestyle six years ago. Branded as "Hsin-Po” (心泊) which means heart anchorage, their camping site aims to offer visitors a serene haven to anchor themselves and relish their experience. Yu-Chien Li, one of the developers, noted that their elevated farmland boasts sweeping views of the Pacific Ocean, offering glimpses of both the tranquil expanse and the day's first light. This extraordinary natural setting served as the main impetus behind their decision to create a camping site.


In April of this year, the Transportation and Tourism Development Department organized informative sessions in Beinan, Donghe, and Taimali Township, which generated a strong response. Following these sessions, there was a notable uptick in public applications. In a bid to offer the most comprehensive guidance, the Taitung County Government allocated funds to establish a specialized project team, collaborating with a professional consulting company. This team not only stationed representatives at the county government and launched an official LINE account (@camp332334) for real-time information and inquiries but also has plans for additional micro camping site application briefings from August 23 to 25 in Changbin, Dawu, and Guanshan Township. Differing from the earlier focus on explaining application regulations, these upcoming sessions will provide an in-depth exploration of the precise process for applying for micro camping sites within Taitung County.