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2023 Taiwan International Hot Air Balloon Festival: Gathering 1.16 Million People Ends Perfectly

  • Date:2023-09-05

The 13th Taiwan International Hot Air Balloon Festival, held in 2023, concluded on August 28th, marking a remarkable achievement for this renowned event. Approximately 60,000 visitors gathered at Luye Highland to witness the spectacle, which featured 20 hot air balloons from both local and international origins, an exhilarating performance with 700 synchronized drones, and a dazzling fireworks extravaganza. With an astounding total attendance of approximately 1.16 million visitors since June 30th, 2023, this year's festival transformed Luye Highland into a mesmerizing spectacle. Commencing on June 30th, the festival offered an unforgettable experience. It's worth mentioning that the Taiwan International Hot Air Balloon Festival also sparked lively discussions on social media. People enthusiastically shared their wonderful experiences and gave the event high praise


The closing night glow concert, led by Director Hui-Ching Chiang of Transportation and Tourism Development Department, began with the ignition of the hot air balloon burners, followed by a performance blending street pop elements and indigenous music and dance by the Taitung "089 Dance Group." They also invited "Jungle Voice" singer An Dong, and the singer Wen-Xuan Zhuo, to perform a series of well-known classic songs. The grand finale of the night glow concert featured 20 shimmering hot air balloons in the background, accompanied by 700 drones slowly ascending from behind, constantly changing formations to the rhythm of the music, followed by a stunning firework display in the night sky over Luye Highland, which elicited continuous exclamations of amazement from the audience. The event concluded with performances by the popular young idols VERA and OZONE, bringing the energy and excitement to its peak. This year's event successfully attracted 1.16 million visitors, marking nearly a 15% increase compared to pre-pandemic levels in 2019. However, with the easing of the pandemic, there was a slight decrease in the number of overseas visitors compared to last year's 1.23 million. Nevertheless, the overall evaluation of the event by the public was even higher. 


Taitung County Governor Ching-Ling Yao expressed that the Taiwan International Hot Air Balloon Festival, now in its 13th year, ran for 60 consecutive days from June 30th to August 28th at Luye Highland, featuring unique hot air balloons from both domestic and international sources, nine night glow concerts, three of which included 700 drone performances, and five fireworks shows. The smiles, joy, and emotions seen during the event are the greatest rewards. Such a fantastic event is made possible by the dedicated support and assistance of pilots, ground personnel, performers, police, firefighters, medical personnel, and staff members. It adds to the unique charm of Taitung. The annually improving Hot Air Balloon Festival has seen year-over-year growth, thanks to contributions from various units, dedicated team efforts, and enthusiastic audience participation. This year's Taiwan International Hot Air Balloon Festival concluded triumphantly, promising a return in 2024!