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Taitung County Shines in Social Safety Net: Earns Top Ratings and Awards

  • Date:2023-09-11

Taitung County has achieved impressive results in bolstering its social safety net, securing the fourth spot nationwide in the latest assessment, excluding the six major cities. As a recognition of this accomplishment, the Ministry of Health and Welfare has decided to increase its funding for Taitung County Government by 5% this year, which is estimated to provide an additional budget of NTD $6.62 million. Adding to the accolades, Lin Chang, a social worker supervisor at the Social Affairs Department of Taitung County Government, has been honored with the inaugural Social Safety Net Excellence Supervisor Award, marking a double distinction. During an expanded management meeting held on September 7th, Taitung County Magistrate Ching-Ling Yao praised the exceptional contributions of various county government departments and Supervisor Lin Chang, offering them heartfelt congratulations and recognition.


Taitung County Magistrate Ching-Ling Yao stated that in executing the second phase of its social safety net policy, Taitung County Government is driven by a commitment to collaboration and vigilant care. They are putting into practice a service model that places “families as the center and communities as the foundation.” In order to practice the service model, various county government departments must integrate their services, and senior officials at the level of secretary-general and above convene regular cross-network meetings. These meetings aim to coordinate responsibilities and foster cooperation among different networks while intensifying efforts to ensure the continuity of service delivery. Together, these initiatives are weaving a robust safety net, providing essential assistance to individuals and families in need, with the overarching goal of securing safe and contented lives for every household and individual in Taitung.


Director Shu-Lan Chen of the Social Affairs Department highlighted Taitung County's unwavering commitment to collaboration and integration throughout the execution of the Social Safety Net Program. This dedication has been evident since the program's inception, which involved the establishment of regional social welfare centers, the implementation of a streamlined case referral system, and the expansion of poverty alleviation initiatives. In the ongoing second phase, the Taitung County Government is focusing on deploying resources to support families, promoting community-based mutual assistance, and implementing a comprehensive three-tier mental health prevention strategy. Notably, the central government's assessment criteria play a crucial role in evaluating Taitung's operational effectiveness. Encouraged by the recent recognition, Taitung County Government is determined to build on this success and continue advancing its efforts.


Heads of departments related to social affairs, health, law enforcement, education, indigenous affairs, and civil affairs express their heartfelt gratitude to all the social workers and partners who have contributed to the Social Safety Net initiative. The delivery of these services relies on the dedication and execution of professional social workers. The county government places a strong emphasis on the personal safety of these social workers and progressively aligns with national policies to enhance their benefits and working conditions. The goal is to strengthen the recruitment of skilled professionals and ensure their long-term commitment, all with the overarching aim of safeguarding the well-being of the residents in need in Taitung.


Supervisor Lin Chang, honored with the Ministry of Health and Welfare's very first Social Safety Net Excellent Supervisor Award, shared her commitment to serving Taitung and dedicating her expertise to the cause. Supervisor Chang emphasized that despite the challenges and shortcomings faced, a united effort from various network units within the systems can lead the Taitung residents in need to overcome these obstacles. The Social Affairs Department highlighted that the focus of the second phase of the Social Safety Net program includes expanding service capacity. Alongside existing centers and the completion of key infrastructure, such as the Southern Line, Central Valley Line, Eastern Coastal Line, and Taitung City social welfare service centers, there's also a new community mental health centers initiative by the Public Health Bureau. The ultimate goal is to promote 'Optimized Care Services for Suspected or Community Mental Health Patients.' Additionally, the Youth Counseling Committees of Taitung County Police Bureau are dedicated to preventing juvenile delinquency and crime.


Taitung County Government is set to further strengthen its community prevention system led by village and neighborhood representative. The county government is urging citizens, regardless of their location, to seek assistance if they encounter instances of domestic violence, sexual abuse, exploitation, harassment, or if they are aware of vulnerable families in need. This assistance is available around the clock and can be accessed via mobile and landline phones or through SMS, including a dedicated service for individuals with hearing impairments, by simply dialing '113.' Additionally, incidents can also be reported online through the 'Caring Together' platform ( These efforts aim to facilitate relevant services in aiding those in need and collectively contribute to making Taitung a safe, friendly, and contented city.