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Taitung County Joins Global Organic Farming Group, Promoting Sustainable Agriculture and Youth Farmer Exchange

  • Date:2023-09-18

On September 12th, the Taitung County Government hosted a special event featuring Jennifer Chang, the Executive Director of the Asia branch of the International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements (IFOAM Asia). During the event, Ms. Chang shared insights into the principles and accomplishments driving the organic farming movement in Asia. This gathering also included six young farmers from Taitung who had previously participated in the 'Organic Asia Congress' in the Philippines back in June. Together, they shared their experiences with fellow farmers. As a result of this collaborative effort, Taitung County now proudly stands as the third county in Taiwan to join IFOAM Asia as a member. Taitung County Magistrate Ching-Ling Yao took the opportunity to sign an agreement, officially making Taitung County a member of the 'Asia Local Government Organic Agriculture Promotion Association.' Through these international connections, Taitung aims to deepen its commitment to organic farming, aligning with global standards, and providing enhanced opportunities for local young farmers to interact and learn.


Magistrate Yao celebrated Taitung County's achievement as the third county in Taiwan to join IFOAM Asia, following New Taipei City and Hualien. Since taking office, Taitung has been actively promoting organic farming, departing from traditional high-yield strategies to prioritize product safety and environmental sustainability in alignment with the UN's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Through years of dedicated effort, Taitung now boasts 2,448 hectares of certified organic and eco-friendly farmland, ranking third in Taiwan. Taitung's high-quality organic rice consistently garners recognition in national rice competitions, showcasing the county's strength in organic farming. By becoming a member of 'Asia Local Government Organic Agriculture (ALGOA),' Taitung aims to facilitate more frequent international technical exchanges, expand into overseas markets, and propel its organic agriculture onto the global stage.


The Asian Local Governments for Organic Agriculture (ALGOA) is a vital international organization operating under the umbrella of the International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements (IFOAM) Asia. ALGOA is dedicated to fostering cross-border collaboration and exchange in organic agriculture. Through partnerships and connections among local governments and civil organizations, ALGOA continually organizes organic farming training programs, enhancing the promotion of organic agriculture across various cultural, economic, and ecological dimensions. The goal is to strengthen the capacity of organic farming promotion. Through international communication and cooperation, ALGOA aims to facilitate the development of organic farming in Taitung and its related industries.


The Director of the Department of Agriculture, Chia-Hao Hsu, highlighted that this year, the Taitung County Government not only became a member of IFOAM ASIA but also signed up for ALGOA. In addition to this, the county has a recognized eco-friendly farming promotion group called the “Taitung Friendly Environment Agricultural Products Marketing Cooperative.” This group not only sent representatives to the 'Organic Asia Congress' in June alongside the county government team but has also applied for IFOAM ASIA membership. Together, they are dedicated to advancing the cause of organic farming in Taitung.


Furthermore, this year, there are plans in place to organize a series of promotional activities under the banner of the 'Institute of Taitung Slow Farming.' This initiative seeks to promote the 'slow concept,' encouraging conscious coexistence with nature in daily life. It will also integrate with the internationally acclaimed 'Taitung Slow Food Festival.' Through these efforts, Taitung aims to further promote its pride in organic farming, fostering sustainability from production environments to consumption patterns. The focus is on safeguarding Taitung's pristine environment through organic and eco-friendly agricultural practices.