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2023 CommonWealth Magazine Poll: Taitung County Magistrate Ching-Ling Yao Earns High Approval for Five Consecutive Years

  • Date:2023-09-25

CommonWealth Magazine has published its 2023 'Mayor/County Magistrate Governance Satisfaction and Sustainable Happiness City/County Survey,' revealing that Taitung County Magistrate Ching-Ling Yao consistently maintains a high approval rating for her governance. Taitung County ranks 5th nationwide, earning recognition as a benchmark performer. Magistrate Yao expresses her gratitude to the residents of Taitung for endorsing the county government's achievements and trusting its leadership. She also emphasizes her commitment, along with her team, to continue fostering the utmost happiness for the people of Taitung.


The CommonWealth survey report provides insights into Taitung County Magistrate Ching-Ling Yao's governance performance, scoring an impressive 76.5 points and securing the 5th position in Taiwan. Regarding competitiveness among counties and cities, excluding the six major municipalities, Taitung County ranks 7th. The evaluation encompasses seven crucial dimensions, including the economy, environment, governance, education and culture, social welfare, healthcare, and diversity and inclusion. Notably, Taitung County shines by clinching the 2nd spot in the 'social welfare' category and an impressive 3rd place in the 'education and culture’ category among non-major municipalities, marking its most exceptional performance in years. 


The report indicates that in the realm of 'social welfare' among non-major municipalities, Taitung County leads the way with an impressive 43.88% increase in the coverage of 'community care and support centers,' ranking first. The per capita social welfare expenditure in Taitung stands at NT$ 15,055.67 per resident, and the coverage rate for care services reaches an impressive 95.5%, securing a position in the top three. The Taitung County government actively promotes the '3+1 Education Equation' policy, emphasizing positive discipline and creating a friendly school environment to ensure that all children develop the passion for learning. In the 'education and culture' category, Taitung County achieves a 100% return-to-school rate for junior high and elementary school dropouts in the 110th academic year, ranking first among non-major municipalities.


Magistrate Yao is strongly committed to safeguarding the rights and welfare of residents of all ages. In the realm of child and youth welfare, efforts are underway to secure funding for the construction of family welfare centers, with plans to establish a Youth Welfare Services Center by June 2025. To meet the needs of the elderly population, initiatives include expanding community care and support centers, promoting intergenerational co-living arrangements, and constructing long-term care facilities. These measures aim to create a comprehensive network of care services, ensuring that senior citizens can enjoy a fulfilling and vibrant aging experience.


Magistrate Yao further elaborated on the ongoing efforts to establish a nurturing and family-friendly educational environment through social welfare initiatives. Thanks to Taitung County Government's prudent financial management, substantial funding supports a range of social welfare measures for residents of all age groups. Taitung leads the nation in offering the highest childbirth subsidy and free postpartum care services, with consistent monthly childcare fees for both public and private facilities. Taitung County Government have announced plans to increase the subsidy for first-time parents to NT$40,000 next year, ranking among the most generous in Taiwan. Additionally, pediatric emergency medical services have been introduced to promote a family-friendly atmosphere. Furthermore, there is a gradual development of 17 children's parks, expected to be completed by 2026, providing local residents with more family-friendly spaces.