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County News
Eastern Taiwan’s First Canine Search and Rescue Team Established
Date: 2016-02-10    
After over 700 days of training, Shanda, Xianghe, and Jiankang (three Labrador dogs) who had the top three assessment scores were presented name tags by Magistrate Justin Huang on February 4 and are now officially part of Eastern Taiwan’s first canine search and rescue team.

Taitung is the eighth region in Taiwan (after the six major cities and Pingtung County) to establish a canine search and rescue team. These three dogs are the first three in Eastern Taiwan to have attained international certification, and they are very proficient at carrying out search missions within challenging heaps of debris. Thus, they will inject a new vitality into Taitung’s existing search and rescue capabilities.

In the early morning of February 6 when the Tainan earthquake took place, once Magistrate Huang made sure that Taitung had not been seriously affected, he immediately arranged for the emergency rescue team of the Taitung Fire Department to get their equipment ready and take Shanda, Xianghe, and Jiankang to Tainan to help with the rescue effort. After days and nights of searching, the dogs finished their job on February 10 and returned to Taitung. Besides Jiankang having sustained a leg injury, everyone else came back completely healthy.