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County News
Smart Taitung Linked to the World—Press Conference on Achievements in Entering Big Data Era and Furthering Smart Government
Date: 2015-11-10    
In recent years, Taitung has overcome a diversity of challenges and limitations, and no effort has been spared in creating smart government and innovative services. The local government has worked hard to make up for Taitung’s shortcomings through the use of technology, such as in the establishment of the TT-Free outdoor wireless Internet service. This year, a “Taitung County Social and Economic Database Subsidy Policy-Making System” was also established. On November 10, a conference was held on all that has been achieved so far this year. Director Jian Hong-wei of the National Development Council (NDC) praised the Taitung County Government for its E-Service at Your Door project as having revitalized the true spirit of civil service and serving as a model for the rest of Taiwan.

The conference was hosted by Magistrate Justin Huang. Also present were Director Jian Hong-wei of the NDC, Deputy-Speaker Chen Hong-zong along with other members of the County Council, Haiduan Township Warden Yu Zhong-yi, Chishang Township Warden Zhang Yao-cheng, Changbin Township Warden Pan Shu-fang, Head Secretary Wen Zhong-ren of the Taitung City Government, and Taitung County Government bureau and departmental directors. Magistrate Huang stated that the achievements made in e-services and making Taitung into an intelligent city are like a newly emerged force that has allowed this rural community to overtake large municipalities in certain aspects. He thanked the County Government Planning Department for their hard work and the NDC for its funding support. In related news, the Intelligent Community Forum (ICF) posted those that that made it onto the 2015 Smart21 Communities of the Year list, and Taitung was selected for the second year in a row, standing out among 300 other contestants from all over the world. Receiving this honor makes obvious the brilliant accomplishments so far achieved. Furthermore, the TT-Free outdoor Internet service began in August of 2014. Currently, the system boasts 110,000 members; each person uses it for an average of 100 minutes per day. The outstanding quality of the service is even more evident in the fact that it receives an average visit tally of 4.5 million each month.

Taitung County covers a large area, travel to and from Taitung is inconvenient, and it is the locality in Taiwan with the highest percentage of disabled and disadvantaged groups. In an effort to overcome these difficulties, the county’s limited resources have been used efficiently in policy measures that have led to the greatest of achievements. This year, the Taitung County Government established the “Taitung County Social and Economic Database Subsidy Policy-Making System”. Regions all over the county have been re-divided into the smallest possible statistical areas to ensure fair distribution of resources. Information on public work registration, survey data, and demographics data for Taitung County will be posted in a system that in the past was only done at the township, town, village, and borough levels. Moreover, it will include geographical distribution information. This new system produces significant effects when analyzing trends regarding social and economic data as well as the movement of people. Furthermore, this database may serve as a foundation for the future of big data in the cloud.

In an effort to make up for Taitung’s shortcomings, the County Government is working hard to create innovative services. The E-Service at Your Door project, begun in 2013, has become a model for the rest of Taiwan. The project was implemented this year at a total of 38 places spread out over all 16 localities of Taitung County, including local government offices, household registration offices, health department offices, and tax offices. Basic-level government workers went to people’s homes to assist them with applications and documentation for various affairs through the aid of mobile devices. To date, 29,610 instances of service have been provided through the program. Furthermore, this year the “Intelligent Community Platform” was launched on which people may express their opinions on matters in their areas so that the related authorities may offer direct assistance. This makes the task a lot easier than the arduous, complicated bureaucratic procedures of the past, increasing front-line service and efficiency. In addition, the Taitung County Government was awarded with the 7th Annual Government Service Quality Award.

In an effort to encourage basic-level civil servants to work hard, the County Government has established an incentive system in which awards for agencies and individuals are available. The six agency awards were won by the Haiduan Township Government Office, the Taitung City Government Office, the Chishang Township Government Office, the Taimali Household Registration Office, the Daren office of the Taimali Household Registration Office, and the Taimali Township Health Department Office. The Taitung City Government Office won the Most-Improved Service Award, and the Haiduan Township Government Office received a special award for coming in first for the third year in a row. Winners of individual awards were Wen Long-zhang of the Taimali Household Registration Office, Wen Le-man of the Daren office of the Taimali Household Registration Office, Yu Xiao-ping of the Taimali Health Department Office, Huang San-san of the Chishang Township Government Office, Su Wei-chen of the Haiduan Township Government Office, Jiang Cai-zhao of the Taitung Tax Bureau, Wu Xiao-lan of the Taitung Public Health Bureau, and Jiang Jun-jie of the Taitung City Government Office. Moreover, Taitung City Minquan Borough Warden Yu Dai-yuan and Donghe Township Beiyuan Village Warden Li Zhong-min won the Intelligent Warden Award.

The County Government Planning Department stated that the press conference for achievements regarding the E-Service at Your Door and the Taitung County Social and Economic Database allowed those present to get a full understanding of the database support and allowed for the brainstorming of more innovative thinking. In the future, it will be able to provide effective management and applications in the support and carrying out of County Government policy. Such policies include increased services with relation to the E-Service at Your Door program, public safety management, disaster prevention, rescue efforts, disease prevention, health care, transportation, tourism, and urban planning. It can also be integrated with businesses and academic study in providing management, planning, and strategy analysis, all in all offering more service to make life more convenient for everyone in Taitung.