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County News
Taitung’s Beauty Augmented with Clean Air
Date: 2016-04-22    
Taitung was given a grade of “Excellent” by the Environmental Protection Administration on its air quality preservation and improvement evaluation for the year 2015. The percentage of days that measured “good” on the pollutant standards index (PSI) for Taitung during that year was 92.03%, the best in years.

Items evaluated that received a grade of “Excellent” were: the procedure for approval of applications fulfilling legal stipulations, an increased percentage of motor bikes being checked for emissions, inspections at construction sites to make sure pollution control measures are being carried out, the significant reduction in dust blown into the air from the Beinan River, and the preservation and management of air quality in areas such as the Guanshan Water Park, Taitung Forest Park, and Luye Yong’an Community. All in all, the reviewers strongly affirmed the work that has been done in Taitung.

In an effort to maintain the cleanliness and beauty of this pure region, the Taitung County Environmental Protection Bureau is asking locals to have their motor bike emissions checked regularly, trade in old vehicles that are in poor condition, and either stop or reduce the burning of “spirit money”. In addition, the Bureau suggests that construction sites regularly spray water to keep dust down, and that businesses and agencies keep their respective environments clean and neat. In this way, not only will Taitung be a place of beautiful scenery, but also of sustainably clean air.