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County News
International Immigrant Day Celebration on 12/19 at Tiehua Business District
Date: 2015-12-15    
An International Immigrant Day celebration will be held on Saturday December 19 at the Tiehua Business District by the Taitung County Government. In addition to inviting immigrants to display their culture, music, and dancing, an exhibition will also be held to show their achievements made in Taitung. Furthermore, private associations will hold classes on the making of foods from other countries and free taste-testing. The classes will be taught by immigrants living in Taitung.

In expressing sympathy for the longing many immigrants have for their homelands, the Taitung County Government will work with Chunghwa Telecomm in providing video-conferencing services so that participants may call their families in their home countries for free. Moreover, the mobile services vehicle operated by the National Immigration Agency Taitung Service Station and the County Household Registration Office will be there to provide needed services and answer questions.

So that all immigrants can make it to the event, the event organizer has arranged for shuttle buses to run to Dawu, the East Rift-Valley area, and Chenggong. For the Dawu line, the bus will arrive at the Dawu 7-Eleven at 12:30, the Daxi Family Mart at 12:55, the Jinlun 7-Eleven at 13:10, the Taimali 7-Eleven (on the frontage road) at 13:25, and then on to the Tiehua Business District. For the East Rift Valley line, the bus will arrive at the Chishang Family Mart (on the frontage road) at 12:30, Guanshan Elementary School at 12:45, the Ruifeng police station at 12:55, the Luye 7-Eleven at 13:05, the Chulu 7-Eleven at 13:20, and then on to the Tiehua Business District. For the Chenggong line, the bus will arrive at the national Cheng Kung Commercial and Vocational High School at 12:30, Bawengweng at 12:40, Xinyi Elementary School in Duli at 12:50, the glutinous rice dumpling shop in Donghe at 13:05, Xinglong Elementary School in Longchang at 13:20, the Dulan Sugar Factory at 13:35, and then on to the Tiehua Business District. All are welcome to ride the buses. For maps and more shuttle bus information, please visit household registration offices.