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Taitung County Government and Mandarin Airlines Team up to Fly Chartered Planes for New Year’s Day
Date: 2015-12-06    
Are you thinking of coming to Taitung to watch the first rays of 2016 sunlight hit Taiwan on New Year’s Day? The Taitung County Government and Mandarin Airlines are teaming up again this year in providing chartered planes that will fly between the Taipei (Songshan) Airport and the Taitung Airport on January 1 and 2. The planes will take off at about 6:18 a.m. so that passengers may see the first rays of sunlight of the new year. Moreover, with passengers being allowed to use their electronics on the plane, they may thoroughly document the trip with pictures and video. Upon arriving at the Taitung Airport, passengers will be treated to an indigenous “Pestle Dance” and other performances, and they will also be given event-related souvenirs. Moreover, passengers may purchase discounted one-day trip packages, including the Taiwan Tourist Shuttle or the Bus + Bike Plan, so that they may fully enjoy the beginning of the new year.

All of the profit made from the plane ticket sales will be donated to Hannah’s Hope Home, which is an organization established in 2011 that takes in children under the age of two from the Hualien and Taitung regions who have been abandoned or abused. Due to the current location already having reached capacity limits, the organization plans to build its own building at a cost of about NTD 35 million. Currently, funding is still short by NTD 25 million. Mandarin Airlines has made the first move in offering to donate NTD 1 million, hoping that other organizations and individuals will be similarly touched to make donations so that Hannah’s Hope Home will be able to meet needs as soon as possible.

Ticket booking for the flights began on December 10. For those who wish to book tickets, please visit the Mandarin Airlines website at or call Mandarin Airlines at (02) 412-8008. A limit of four tickets per booking request is in place. Due to the limited number of seats, please complete payment procedures for the tickets before 5:00 p.m. of the day tickets are booked. For more information, please call Mandarin Airlines at (02) 412-8008.

In an expression of gratitude to all involved in this event and the charity behind it, Mandarin Airlines has also arranged for a prize drawing on its FB fan page. CacaFly is handling advertising for the event. Be sure to follow what’s happening on the Mandarin Airlines FB fan page!
Mandarin Airlines website:
Mandarin Airlines phone: (02) 412-8008
Hannah’s Hope Home website:
Bus + Bike Plan website: