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The Moonlight and Ocean Music Festival, as part of the TEC Land Arts Festival, was held in August, and attracted a grand total of approximately 6000 tourists to share in a joyous Father’s Day Festival
Date: 2017-11-15    
The East Coast Scenic Area Management Bureau held the second Moonlight and Ocean Music Festival this year. The final two events, which were held on August 8th and 9th, brought different styles of music and dance to Taitung. On the first day, the music from A Moving Sound that brought together east and west cultures, and the Genio Dance Troupe’s dance performance which told the story of parental love from the previous generation, left spectators intoxicated with the passion wing the spectators of the scene to be intoxicated with the passion of the Flamenco dance. The island nation’s SKAROKE jazz left everybody radiating with delight.

On the second day, the festivities continued with a singing performance by the Beinan Tribe’s Paliulius Band, The Siyuland’s sitar performance, and Shengxiang Band’s performance showcasing traditional Taiwanese mixed with contemporary Western music.

While these two music events were not held on the weekend, they still managed to attract over six thousand tourists, including Japanese, French, Malaysian etc. Various worldwide business and welfare group representatives were also present. As the moon slowly rose over the sea, with the moonlight reflecting off the surface of the ocean, a joyous scene gathered. Under the clear sky in the midst of pleasant weather and the charming sight of the moon, the participating tourists sat, lay down, sang and jumped together with the music. The finale of the festival featured Suming along with his tribal brother and sisters. Their talents brought an end to a successful and fulfilling event.

The East Coast Scenic Area Management Bureau’s TEC Land Arts Festival, renowned for blending the natural scenery and local artistic culture, held the 3rd East Coast Land Arts Festival. Apart from selecting eight artists to perform (both domestic and international), local residents created nine pieces or art to be displayed along seven art studios along the coast. They were opened to the public every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday from June 10th until August 31st. and also featured small markets and DIY experiences. The beauty of the moonlight and ocean scenery, coupled with music and dance, served to add to the east coast’s cultural richness and increase tourism, allowing the east coast to become a place where tourists do not want to leave.

This year’s Moonlight and Ocean Music Festival was not only localized but also internationalized. It combined music from Asia, Africa, the Middle East, as well as a hint of Japanese cultural elements. Furthermore, the Moonlight and Ocean Music Festival reached Taiwan’s Top 7 Summer Festivals, making it a top event to attend and a journey for everyone to appreciate. The East Coast Scenic Area Management Bureau will be forever grateful, and is looking forward to next year’s event!