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Come Enjoy First Rays of 2016 at Sanxiantai and Help Protect the Beautiful Environment!
Date: 2015-12-10    
According to the Central Weather Bureau, the first rays of sunlight for 2016 will hit on January 1 at 6:35 a.m. at Sanxiantai in the town of Chenggong, Taitung County. The East Coast National Scenic Area Administration (ECNSAA) has arranged a series of events for the day, welcoming all to come together, make a scene, and have a good time!

The 2016 New Year’s Day Bash held by the ECNSAA includes a concert, a bazaar, a video-conferencing event, and a beach cleanup. Golden Melody Award-winner Biung Wang and the Pawpaw Drumming Group will perform at the concert. The “Line Friends” event allows you to win prizes while enjoying the first rays of sunlight of the new year. All kinds of goods and hot food and drinks will be sold at the “I-Lai Bazaar”. For the “Shout It Out Loud” event, a 200-inch screen will be set up on which you can video conference with friends and loved ones and shout out your new year’s wishes to them.

Sanxiantai is a place where the natural ecology thrives, and it is known to have the most beautiful underwater scenery on the east coast. Deputy-Director Lin Wei-ling of the ECNSAA stated that in response to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change recently held in Paris, people who come for the Sanxiantai Sunrise event of 2016 will be invited to participate in a beach cleanup in an effort to bless the area in a tangible way. In addition, the ECNSAA will set up a “blessing bell” on Sanxiantai Island. Participants may write down their wishes for Taiwan and the Earth and then ring the bell, symbolizing an oath to help protect the ocean and the environment for the whole year.

Lin also stated that “missions” have been set up in coordination with the Taitung County Government’s “So High New Year’s Eve Party” so that people can win prizes. Those who get stamps from two of the New Year’s events being held in Taitung (the So High New Year’s Eve Party, the Sanxiantai Sunrise event, and the beach cleanup) will receive a limited edition Sanxiantai New Year’s Charm made by the Amis people of the Shishan indigenous settlement.

The ECNSAA has also arranged for numerous special offers. Those who join the event Line group while present at the venue will receive a limited edition glowing handkerchief. Those who check-in on FB will receive a transparent L folder. Two receipts may be exchanged for limited edition postcards, and all receipts received will be donated to the Taiwan Fund for Children and Families (Taitung branch). In this way, event participants can enjoy the first rays of the new year, get great gifts, and help out charity. Also, the first 100 people who present their domestic tourism accommodation financial subsidy discount serial number as well as proof of a purchase made during the event (from businesses listed on the Taiwan Stay website and will receive a “sunray selfie stick” and will be entered into a prize drawing. Come and enjoy Sanxiantai, the place where the sun hits Taiwan first!

For more information, please visit the ECNSAA website or the Nga’ayho FB fan page.