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Let’s Go Home Special Shape Balloon Party: Over 480,000 Visitors Flock to Taitung to Take Part in This Year’s Hot Air Balloon Festival
Date: 2017-09-02    
Over 480,000 visitors, both foreign and local alike, flocked to Luye Highland to take part in this year’s hot air balloon festival, creating economic revenue of almost NT$1 billion. The longest balloon festival in the world, which started on June 30th and ran for thirty-eight days has made significant strides, with an increase of 37% of visitors compared to last year, over 5,000 tethered-balloon passengers, and thirty-five special shape balloons from thirteen countries. Night glow music events were also a hit with travelers, with events being held all over Taitung County, a press conference in Taipei, and the closing ceremony at Luye Highland, which was attended by over 40,000 people.

The Free Bear special shape balloon (the first private enterprise balloon displayed at Luye), live feeds, and the support from local artists who performed at the night glow events were some of the highlights of this event. In addition, 1001 Stories of Taiwan, a piece by South Korea’s KBS (Korea Broadcasting System) was present to document the happenings of the hot air balloon festival. The closing ceremony was a spectacular sight, with a record number special shape balloons on display, thousands of lit-up smartphones, cameras, flashes and the sound of joy. This lively atmosphere was the perfect end to a successful hot balloon festival.

This year’s closing ceremony, Let’s Go Home Special Shape Balloon Party, comprised of a fireworks and music display, with a record number of special shape balloons (twenty-two) as the background. Every balloon showcased its power and magnificence together with the music and fireworks to bring the 38-day festival to a close. In addition to the fireworks and music performance, a strong lineup of performances also added to the excitement, such as Pusibutbut (A Bunun Tribe band), True&Love (Taiwanese hip-hop band and winner of the 14th Ho-Hai-Yan Rock Festival Heart of the Ocean Award). Finally, Hot Shock, a Taiwanese rocked the crowd together with the hot air balloons to bring the music event to an end.

Rest is necessary to further move forward. The end of this year’s hot air balloon festival is certainly not the final destination. A better, more successful 2018 hot air balloon festival is expected to bring more excitement and possibilities for tourists and locals alike at Luye Highland, Taitung.

That being said, now fully into the autumn season, Taitung will be hosting the Taiwan Open of Surfing for a record sixth consecutive year at Jinzun in Donghe Township from November 23rd until December 3rd of this year. This year’s event will be in cooperation with the World Surf League (WSL) this year. Men’s and women’s longboard championships will be part of the agenda as enthusiastic surfers from all over the world descend upon Taitung to compete in the championships. Not only has Taitung reached new heights in the world surfing community, but it has also become a hotspot for hosting world championship events, with champions hailing from Japan and the south Pacific. Besides attractive surfing conditions, Taitung also made Lonely Planet’s 2016 top ten destinations in Asia. There is no better way to welcome surfing enthusiasts from all over the world to come and experience for themselves the uniqueness of Taitung and her waves.

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