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Museum of Prehistory Accepting Applications for School Subsidies for Environmental Education Seminars and Natural Environment Education Plan
Date: 2014-02-17    
The Museum of Prehistory, which is run by the Ministry of Culture, has begun to accept applications for school subsidies for the Environmental Education Seminars and the Natural Environment Education Plan. Individuals and schools who have interest are welcome to register to learn about Taiwan’s natural environment and natural resources as this plan’s goal is to inform the public regarding the care of this beautiful piece of land.

The Museum of Prehistory stated that we were able to see a Taiwan that was both familiar and unfamiliar to us in the 2013 film Beyond Beauty: Taiwan from Above. The film presented both the beauty and the sorrow of this island as development and global environmental changes directly and indirectly harm the Earth. In an effort to help people understand the role that changes between people and nature play for Taiwan’s environment, beginning on February 22 (Saturday) at 10:00 a.m., Professor Chen Wen-shan of the Department of Geosciences at National Taiwan University and Liu Shao-chen of Academia Sinica will introduce the nature of Taiwan and go further in describing how changes caused by humankind since the beginning of the industrial revolution impact Taiwan. This will include Chen’s seminar Looking at Our Homeland from Above and Below, a screening of the film ±2°C and Liu’s seminar Global Warming’s Impact on Taiwan. The event is four hours long and includes lunch. Moreover, all who come will receive a copy of Chen’s book, Let’s Build a Geopark—Geo-Tourism in Hualien and Taitung. All are welcome to register!

In August of 2013, the Museum of Prehistory began preparing for its Natural Environment Education Promotion Plan commissioned by the National Science Council for three, 3-hour seminars and related hands-on classes (Birth, Ice Age and A New Era) that are to take place in the Natural History Exhibition Hall. There are a total of 20 such classes that will be held March 12-14 and April 9-11 for upper elementary school students in the Taitung area. The museum has begun to accept applications for transportation expense subsidies. All schools are welcome to come and learn about Taiwan’s natural environment and resources. For information on times, please visit the Museum of Prehistory webpage at: