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Magistrate Justin Huang and Taitung County Fire Department Chief Huang Wen-kuei Visit Dulan Volunteer Fire Fighters
Date: 2014-02-21    
Since its establishment in 2007, the Dulan fire station has been a protector of life and property in that area, and it is the only fire station in Taiwan that is completely made up of volunteers who work in shifts. The twelve volunteers are locals, and every day, two of them are on duty as the first line of defense when any emergency situation arises. The rest of them are always on call. It’s like that 365 days a year, and they offer aid for fires, car accident rescues, suicide attempts, drownings and other such emergencies. Just last year, the Dulan fire station handled 14 fire cases, five car accident rescues and one drowning. This fire station could be considered a 7-11 for emergencies.

Magistrate Huang and Fire Chief Huang went to their base of operations, the Xietian Temple, to express appreciation for the selfless contributions of these hard-working, unnamed heroes. They also took the opportunity to express thanks to council members Lin Dong-man, Xu Jin-rong and Liu Chun-ge (who have supported the promotion of fire prevention work in the Donghe area), Donghe Township Mayor Chen Shi-hong (who currently serves as the chief of the Donghe volunteer firefighter corps and who promoted the creation of the Dulan fire station), as well as others who have spared no effort in supporting the establishment and operation of this fire station. Magistrate Huang also announced that he has already begun wholehearted efforts toward the establishment of and the attaining of land for fire department branches in Dulan and Taiyuan, making it possible for the fire safety net of Taitung to reach all corners of the Donghe Township.

Since taking office, Magistrate Huang has been the biggest supporter of the fire department. Upon taking office, he felt the firefighting force of 164 for the whole of Taitung County, considering its steep mountains, the ocean and the outlying islands, was too small. In response to the increased demand for rescue work, besides immediately authorizing the addition of 146 firefighters to the County fire department, he also promoted reconstruction of firehouses for the Dawu, Taimali, Jinfeng, Beinan, Daren and Orchid Island branches. Currently, it is planned to increase the force by another 62 persons, establish a fire station in the Lidao area and establish branches in Anshuo (at the Southern Switchback tunnel entrance on Route 9), Dulan and Taiyuan Villages of Donghe Township as well as the areas of Dafeng and Fengtian in Taitung City. Furthermore, rescue teams for mountain and water areas, special search and rescue teams, rescue dog training and disaster relief teams are to be organized. Moreover, there are currently four high-grade rescue squads, and more squads will be added in Changbin, Chishang and Anshuo of Daren. Thus, a complete disaster-prevention network will be created to keep the people and property of Taitung County safe and sound.
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