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County News
Mie Prefecture Governor Eikei Suzuki Visits Taitung County Government Magistrate Huang Emphasizes Cooperation and Exchange
Date: 2016-01-21    
The Taitung County Government signed an MOU regarding cooperative exchanges with Iga and Shima Cities of Mie Prefecture, Japan on January 21. Prefecture Governor Eikei Suzuki was present as a witness, and while visiting with Taitung County Magistrate Justin Huang, Suzuki praised the friendliness of locals and the beautiful scenery, as well as commenting that Huang was both young and enthusiastic. Huang affirmed and praised Suzuki’s concern for family and his efforts at promoting policy to give men paternity leave in Japan. He expressed his sincere desire that Mie and Taitung would be embarking on a closer relationship of exchange with the signing of the MOU.

Suzuki arrived in Taitung at 2:10 p.m. and was accompanied in meeting Magistrate Huang by Director-General Wu Ming-ji of the Industrial Development Bureau of the MOEA and Planning Director Weng Jian-yi of the Taiwan-Japan Industrial Collaboration Promotion Office. Shima City mayor Hidekazu Oguchi, Iga City mayor Okamoto Sakae, Professor/Vice-President Norihiro Nishimura of Mie University, and Director Fumio Yamashita of the Interchange Association (Japan), Kaohsiung Office were also present.

Magistrate Huang welcomed all the guests from Japan and congratulated Suzuki on winning another term in office. Huang stated that with the help of the MOEA Industrial Development Bureau and the Taiwan-Japan Industrial Collaboration Promotion Office, Taitung County has been able to begin a great relationship of exchange with Mie Prefecture. Deputy-Magistrate Chen Jin-hu visited Mie last year, receiving a warm welcome and a lot of assistance. Iga City is known as the “Home of the Ninja”, and Shima is to be the location of the next G7 Summit. Furthermore, Huang learned through media reports that Suzuki is very concerned with family values and has worked actively to promote government policy toward giving men paternity leave. Huang affirmed and expressed admiration for Suzuki’s work in this respect, and he plans to visit Mie in March to work toward bringing their relationship even closer.

Suzuki was very surprised at how much Huang already knew about him. Suzuki has a three-year-old son and another on the way. As a result, he believes that more effort must be put into family. He stated he is very thankful to the Industrial Development Bureau for finding Taitung with its active, enthusiastic, young magistrate, and he looks forward to much more exchange between Taitung and Mie in the future.

In welcoming Governor Suzuki, Huang presented him with gifts including a handmade Orchid Island boat model, agricultural products, and a Taitung County flag on which Huang had handwritten the words “Happiness for Mie”. Suzuki gave Huang a gift of tea ware inscribed with the word “forever”, explaining that he chose that word because he looks forward to a lasting relationship between Taitung and Mie.