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County News
Art Without Borders: Taitung Hosts Two Japanese Artists in Take-Akari and Calligraphy Art Exchange
Date: 2017-12-13    
A cultural exchange between Taitung and Mie Prefencture in Japan was held in the Taitung Art Museum in Taitung City. Two artists from Mie Prefencture in Japan, namely Kohei Kawabuchi (Iga City) and Jyunichi Ito (Matsuzaka City), held a joint calligraphy and take-akari (Japanese bamboo lantern) event and exhibit. The event ended with the lighting of bamboo art. Justin Huang, Taitung County Magistrate, also paid special greetings with a visit. He was surprised at the new sensory experience of blending modern crafts with the traditional Japanese writing culture.

Justin Huang (Taitung County Magistrate), Ming-Hsun Yu (International Development and Planning Department Director-General), Kuo-Chin Hung (International Promotions Section Chief), Ching-Po Chung (Cultural Affairs Department Director-General) and Ping-Yi Li (Visual Arts Section Chief) were at the event, overseeing and sending their greetings to the two in-residence artists. They participated in the lighting of bamboo art, and were introduced to the concepts and processes of the art. One of the artists, Kohei Kawabuchi said that he started getting involved in bamboo art about ten years ago. He also mentioned that the most memorable thing in Taitung are custard apples. He went on to say that one night during his stay, he bumped into Director-General Yu, and particularly enjoyed Taitung’s stinky tofu. Jyunichi Ito added that although he is not able to communicate in the local Chinese language, he was met with very warm-hearted people at Fugang Harbor in Taitung, and was even invited to enjoy seafood and food together. At that moment, he added, he joined hands with the local residents to foster communication, interaction and mutual surpassing of language barriers, leaving him with unforgettable memories of life.

After his visit, Magistrate Huang went on to say that the pace of internationalization in Taitung is becoming steadier and steadier. This year the county government has had fruitful exchange and cooperation with Japan. Apart from visiting Mie Prefecture in Japan, and participating in the Tokyo Marathon, two Japanese artists came to Taitung to stimulate the new spark of art between Taiwan and Japan. It is really exciting, he added, and hopes to see the more exhibitions in Taitung in the future.

Last year, the International Development and Planning Department of Taitung County Government signed a memorandum of understanding between the local governments of Shima City and Iga City, in the hope for further cooperation and exchange in the future. For the first time, two artists from Mie Prefecture, Japan, were invited to the Taitung Art Museum to showcase their talents. It was the second time they publically exhibited their unique calligraphy and take-akari works; the first was at the 2016 G7 Shima Summit.

During their two-week stay in the museum, the two artists created a myriad of art works for the musuem to share their creative journey.