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County News
Hot Air Balloon Journey to the East, Win a Free Flight!
Date: 2015-11-16    
Hot air balloon flights are available all year long in Taiwan, but only in the East-Rift Valley! The County Government has launched a promotional event in which rides will only cost NTD 5,500 when a package trip is purchased. This offer will last until the end of the year, so don’t miss it! Taitung County Magistrate Justin Huang invites all to come enjoy organic food and the beauty of the East-Rift Valley. Please call 0905-120-967 to book reservations.

The Taiwan International Balloon Festival attracted 800,000 visitors this year, and the same event from the previous year boosted the number of tourists for the whole year to exceed the 6-million mark. Luye Township has become known as the “Holy Land of Hot Air Balloons”. The most appealing aspects are the free-flight balloon rides and tethered rides, along with balloon walk-ins. However, a lot of people do not know that hot air balloon fun is not limited to the summertime event. As long as the weather permits, people may enjoy balloon rides every day of the year!

While at the Taitung flight school on November 16 at 2:30 p.m., Magistrate Huang stated that the Hot Air Balloon Journey to the East and East-Rift Valley Package Trip includes flights in balloons that offer a beautiful bird’s-eye-view of the East-Rift Valley. The package also includes visits to indigenous settlements, farming-related activities, DIY handicraft activities, and of course the natural, tasty food unique to Taitung. Special discounts are now available. Groups of 20 people who register for the three-day package trip will have a chance at winning a free balloon ride (original package price: NTD 10,300; the first 40 will get the discounted price of NTD 5,500). Those registering for the two-day trip will get a 50% discount on balloon rides (original package price: NTD 8,300; the first 100 will get the discounted price of NTD 6,000). Finally, those registering for the one-day trip will be offered a free balloon walk-in (original package price: NTD 1,500; the first 200 will get the discounted price of NTD 1,000).

Magistrate Huang stated that after having developed steadily over the past few years, hot air ballooning has become the biggest attraction in Taitung. Pilots from Taitung have participated in international events in such countries as the US, the Netherlands, Japan, Thailand, and New Zealand. Many people do not know that, as long as weather permits, balloon rides are available all year long. This Hot Air Balloon Journey to the East event, the beautiful local scenery, and the great food are all resources the County Government is using to attract wintertime tourists.

Taitung is situated between the Central Mountains and the Pacific Ocean. Whether one travels along the mountain road or the coastal road, both offer stunning scenery. The Hot Air Balloon Journey to the East event focuses on the East-Rift Valley area (Luye, Guanshan, Chishang, and Yanping Townships). There are discounted one-, two-, and three-day package trips available, so come enjoy balloon rides and Taitung!

On a related note, the flight school in Taitung is not relegated to flight-related activities; the space there may be rented to hold various events. For example, an event was held there to celebrate the October 10 holiday, and the “Hot Air Balloon Funfest” was held on November 20-22, where there were a bazaar, DIY art activities, a concert and picnic, balloon walk-ins, and fun contests.