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County News
“NTTU and Industrial-Academic-Government Strategic Alliance” Established to Nurture Makers and Promote Taitung
Date: 2016-01-13    
The Taitung County Government and the National Taitung University (NTTU) have teamed up in the launching of the TTMaker 4G Applied Software Innovation and Entrepreneurial Center. After signing an agreement to officially establish the center on January 13, NTD 100-150 million will be invested over a period of five years in the building of equipment and software with the goal of allowing industry and services throughout Taitung County the aid of cloud support.

Industrial-Academic-Government Cooperation to Serve Various Industries
For example, turmeric had been quite a hot crop in Taitung for a time, but after the harvest last year, much of it went unpurchased. Growers had not been aware it would not be bought simply as a result of being unfamiliar with up-to-date information. With the establishment of the TTMaker, farmers will be informed on current industry trends as they take place and may even enjoy custom service. Thus, such catastrophes may be avoided and growers will be able to smoothly sell their produce in the future.

Another example could be that of a senior citizen who lives alone in a place like Changbin Township and needs to get to a medical care center in Taitung City. However, the cost society would bear for simply bringing him to the city would be quite high. With TTMaker’s integrated service, a vehicle could be arranged to bring him along with others in one, cost-efficient trip.

NTTU has received subsidies from the Economic Affairs and Education Ministries. Along with effort from the Taitung County Government and Toplogis Inc., support has also been gained from the Industrial Development Bureau and the Institute for Information Industry’s Digital Education Institute. Moreover, with the technological support of Jifute Marketing, stimulating industrial innovation and a market mechanism have been brought in. With NTTU working more like a company rather than a university, all involved have come together to establish the TTMaker 4G Applied Software Innovation and Entrepreneurial Center for an environment conducive to academic research, market applications, and the development of new ventures. NTTU President Liu Jin-yuan, County Magistrate Justin Huang, and County Council Speaker Rao Ching-ling came together on January 13 to officially initiate this cooperation.

First Floor Open to Use by Makers
NTTU stated that the most important aspect of the TTMaker is that it will provide an optimal workspace and services for “makers”, such as secretarial services, a call center, after-sales service, cloud operation service, and logistics platform services. This way, makers can focus on the creation and development of products. The TTMaker will also increase opportunities for students of vocational schools (and those in higher education) to partake in innovation project internships and trainings, nurturing the abilities of locals. On the first floor, there will be an open space for people to work and experience the convenience of information technology.

Nurturing Talent to Promote Taitung
Magistrate Justin Huang stated that the TTMaker is the result of hard work by NTTU President Liu, board member Peng, and himself. Turning Taitung into an International City of Happiness is the County Government’s vision for the future, and that includes four directions: internationalization, building a smart city, education, and environmental sustainability. Huang stated that the County Government’s work on building a smart city is obvious, with the establishment of the first nationwide outdoor wireless service (TT-Free) in just two years as well as Taitung having placed in the top 21 intelligent cities by the Intelligent Community Forum two years in a row. The TT-Mall website (for agricultural products) has been visited over 25 million times, has facilitated transactions totaling over NTD 100 million, and recently won in the nationwide Intelligent City Innovation Application Award competition. Such applications beginning with “TT” (signifying Taitung) will only increase with time. For instance, one called TT-Cloud is in the works and will integrate information from various government agencies all around the County. The establishment of the TT-Maker Center is a step toward advancement in both education and the building of a smart city.

Huang emphasized that the nurturing of talent is an important aspect for future development. The plan will actively make use of experimental education to promote and enhance education in the areas of foreign language, culture, and information software. This is not only an effort to keep people in Taitung, but it is also the best way to help Taitung turn over a new leaf and cast off its stigma of being disadvantaged. The TTMaker will play an important role in internationalization. Through the cooperation of the academic, industrial, and government fields, a new industry will be created for Taitung. Its innovative application aspect will not only attract more international tourists, but also promote Taitung’s cultural and creation industries to the world. Huang looks forward to the integration of software and the spirit of the maker movement to allow Taitung to stand out on the global stage through the artistic talent and abilities of its people.