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County News
Chishang Bike Path Selected as One of Top Ten Bike Routes Nationwide
Date: 2015-10-30    
In an effort to promote a green form of travel, biking, along with other healthy recreational activities, the Sports Administration of the Ministry of Education held its Top Ten Classic Bike Routes Contest. The five indexes of health, affinity, participation, sharing, and vitality were used to evaluate Taiwan’s bike routes. The bike path in Chishang was selected as one of the top ten, and the bike paths in Guanshan and Taitung City were given honorable mention. Such honors are strong affirmation of the promotion of tourism that has been taking place over the years in Taitung.

The County Government stated that bikes are not merely a means of transportation for tourists; they are a way for people to enjoy the slow pace of life in Taitung at just the right speed. The bike paths in Chishang and Guanshan are located in the East Rift-Valley, offering wonderful views of beautiful, endless rice fields. In Chishang, tourists can ride their bikes along Mr. Brown Avenue and visit the Takeshi Tree or simply enjoy the rural scenery of the fields of Guanshan.

There is also a bike path in Taitung City. Tourists may rent bikes at a number of rental shops, ride through various small paths around the city, the Tiehua Music Village, the Taitung Sugar Factory Park, the Malan Train Station, the Taitung Beach Park, the International Landmark, Forest Park and other fun destinations that offer all kinds of scenery unique to Taitung. And with these destinations offering a diversity of activities or allowing one to just take life easy and relax, there is something for everyone!

The rice harvest season is currently underway. Not only can one enjoy the beauty of golden rice fields, but the ever-present local culture is always a pleasure. For more information, please inquire at the Taitung County Tourism and Culture Department, or you may visit the Tourism and Culture Department website or the Amazing Taitung FB fan page.