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2017 East Coast Land Arts Festival: The Final Event Makes its Debut!
Date: 2018-02-14    
The East Coast National Scenic Area Administration of the Bureau of Tourism of the Ministry of Transportation, in cooperation with Hong Chang Co., Ltd. (FUJIFILM distributor in Taiwan), conducted cross-border cooperation with Everlasting Chang Arts Co., Ltd. in Taipei from January 9 (Monday) to 26 (Thursday) Gallery for the annual Taiwan East Coast Land Arts Festival.

Each piece of work deeply describes and records the native scenery and lifestyle on the East Coast. With its original vision, the unique artistic culture and landscape on the East Coast are presented by photography and dynamic films to fully express the area’s beautiful scenery. The general public are able understand the lifestyle and beauty of the east coast, and the Land Arts Festival through its works.

The winning entries for the 11 most beautiful scenes on East Coast were: Morning Beauty on Ningpu Village, Black Eared Goldfish, Dawn, Fishing Man’s Shadow, Wushisheng Harbor, Mango, Vitality, Golden Patchwork, Sanxiantai, and Agreement.

Special thanks were given to the Chang-Chang Foundation for Cultural Heritage, for providing the venue for the successful 2017 East Coast Land Art Festival, and for opening the 2018 Overture for the East Coast Land Arts Festival. The Opening Ceremony of Ceremony Photo Contest was held at 13:00 on January 13, 2018 (Venue: Fujifil Taiwan Gallery; Address: No. 36, Section 6, Minquan East Road, Taipei).

The final of the East Coast Festival of Earth Art 2017 was an exciting event. The 2018 East Coast Land Arts festival is fast approaching. For more information, please visit the official website at or the festival website For enquiries, activities and real-time details, please visit the “East Coast Art Festival” FB fan page.