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A-Lin Comes Home to Perform at 2016 Chishang Autumn Rice Harvest and Art Festival
Date: 2016-10-29    
The Chishang Autumn Rice Harvest and Art Festival, organized by the Lovely Taiwan Foundation and the people of Chishang Township, was held this year for the eighth time on October 29-30. Chishang is currently ablaze with the golden beauty of rice fields ripe for harvest. This year’s theme was “Song and Harvest with A-Lin” and included a performance called “La Ge” by the Bulareyaung Dance Company, traditional Paiwan singing in praise of the beauty of Chishang by Seredau Daliyaljan, and the clear, resounding voice of A-Lin, all in accompaniment with the natural background of gorgeous mountains, white clouds, and gleaming rice fields. Such natural beauty covering 175 hectares of land was the perfect setting for the pleasure of enjoying harvest-time scenery.

In addition, locals of Chishang who have long been involved in the local culture and art have officially established the Chishang Culture and Art Association with DoReMi chairperson Liang Zheng-xian serving as association chair. The Lovely Taiwan Foundation has worked in concert with the Chishang Culture and Art Association in cultivating the local spirit so as to prepare for the festival and make it a model for other locales in self-promotion. Moreover, the Lovely Taiwan Foundation has begun its work on another project, the Chishang Art Village, by inviting artists to come and stay as resident artists, open workshops, and provide art education as a way to enrich the local culture.

The Chishang Autumn Rice Harvest and Art Festival was first held in 2009 with a performance by master pianist Eric Chen offset by a backdrop of gorgeous mountains, a clear blue sky, and golden rice fields. Others who have performed at the event over the years include Yeh Shu-han’s brass quintet, Philharmonia Moments Musicaux, Cloud Gate, A-Mei, and the drumming group Youren Shengu. The dancing and singing of the artists surrounded by the rice fields is not only an extreme pleasure for the audience, it has even made headlines in other countries, promoting the beauty of Chishang to the world. And the friendliness of the locals adds the final touch in creating this unparalleled harmony between the land, the heavens, and the people.

For this year’s event, the Lovely Taiwan Foundation invited the well-known producer Chen Zhen-chuan to serve as the head planner and Bowie Tsang as host. Also, the Bulareyaung Dance Company performed its number “La Ge”, and Seredau Daliyaljan sang of the beauty of Chishang in traditional Paiwan style, all of this of course highlighted by the surrounding natural beauty..

As for the main show, A-lin, who is praised as a natural musical genius, sang her well-known songs including “Big Hug,” “My Heart Is Already Closed,” “Loneliness Doesn’t Hurt,” “Happiness, Then What?” “Forget the Hug,” “Don’t Give Up,” and “Little Star.” She also sang other popular songs such as “Lovesickness from the Bottom of My Heart” and “Be Pretty.” A-Lin then led her parents, older sister, and aunt in singing “Dipping Sauce,” “Song of Nanwan,” and “Uwau.” Finally, she brought the whole event to a climax which all present will not soon forget in singing A-mei’s “When I Think of You.”

Lovely Taiwan Foundation chair Ke Wen-chang repeatedly stated that while standing on Mr. Brown Avenue and looking at the beautiful rice field scenery of Chishang, free from unsightly utility poles, is simply unforgettable. Eight years ago, the foundation first came to Chishang to begin work on an art and culture program to let more people around the world see that Chishang is not just a place of beautiful scenery and tasty rice, but is also endowed with a deep cultural value. The event was based on the idea that sentiment for a locale is usually produced by the locality itself. Ke holds the sustainable development of rural cultural development as important, and thus looked upon the event as not only a celebration of the fall harvest and art, but also the beginnings of the foundation-sponsored Chishang Art Village, which will contribute to and promote art there.

Foundation CEO Li Ying-ping stated that the 2016 Chishang Autumn Rice Harvest and Art Festival was greatly supported by the lead sponsor Pegatron as well as the Fubon Cultural and Educational Foundation. Other supporting organizations included Papago International Resort, EVA Air, UNI Air, and China Motor Corporation. Li emphasized that through the diligence of the Lovely Taiwan Foundation and the people of Chishang, the festival is no longer simply an event, but a source of momentum to empower the locals and give young people who have left the area the opportunity and desire to come back. It is also a source of pride for the locals as they see visitors happily enjoying the festival and the natural beauty. Those present experienced a complete feeling of openness among the dancing and an infectious vitality from the singing in praise of Taiwan’s beauty and the blessing of the land. Li offered heartfelt thanks to the people of Chishang for giving the foundation a generous amount of space and assistance that made feasible this golden dream.