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Magistrate Huang Welcomes All to Opening of 2016 Austronesian Culture Festival Embroidery Exhibition
Date: 2016-10-30    
On October 30, an embroidery exhibition, which is part of the 2016 Austronesian Culture Festival, officially opened at the Hsin Sheng Park. In addition to the display of pieces created by 100 locals from 11 indigenous tribes of Taiwan, 20 guests will be allowed to try their hand at the art every Saturday and Sunday. Furthermore, the event bus will begin touring Taitung County on November 1 so that people may get better acquainted with Austronesian culture.

The opening began at 11:00 a.m. and was hosted by Magistrate Justin Huang. About 30 indigenous locals were present working on site. Andre Verkade from the Netherlands Trade and Investment Office and Public Affairs Officer John Slover from AIT Kaohsiung were invited to try out embroidery. Huang stated that this year’s Austronesian Culture Festival series of events is just getting better and better. After the initiation of the embroidery event on August 15, 100 members from the Binmao, Xinxing, Kangle, Shichuan, Wuling, Dongxing, Binlang, Chulu, Zhiben, Nanwang, and Lijia indigenous settlements joined in. Artwork was to be made based on the five categories of food, clothing, housing, ritual, and song and dance. Two months later, their work has finally been finished and put on display so that viewers may see how different indigenous groups apply their culture and colors to their embroidery. All are welcome to come and enjoy!

The embroidery exhibition will take place from October 30 to November 30 at the Hsin Sheng Park in Taitung City. In addition to a total of over 100 meters of indigenous embroidery, guests will also be able to try their hand at doing their own needlework. Each Saturday and Sunday during the exhibition period, those interested may obtain a ticket at the information desk and will receive instruction from experts on site. In this way, people can not only enjoy viewing wonderful artwork, but also see what it is like make some of their own. Please note that the number of those who may participate is limited to 20 per day.

Models of the event bus, the Indigenous Art Bus, which were painted by students from Nanwang Elementary School, Dawang Elementary School, and the Heping branch of Sanmin Elementary School, were placed on exhibition on October 16. The students were really excited about having their buses displayed in the actual bus. The bus is to begin operation on November 1 and will be traveling all around Taitung County. Locals and visitors alike are encouraged to hop on the bus and enjoy the children’s work. Those who take a picture of the models and upload it onto the official event FB page during the bus exhibition will be eligible to receive a free enamel key chain with a model of the bus on it. This way, people can enjoy the exhibition while on the bus as well as whenever they look at their key chain.

The Taitung County Government stated that the 2016 Austronesian Culture Festival is nearing its end. This year’s event was quite different from the events of years past in that this year the attempt was made to truly integrate Austronesian culture into people’s lives and give people, regardless of age or gender, a chance and the space to express their culture. Through the aspects of the “wooden sculpture of men”, “embroidery of women”, “sounds of the elders”, “dancing of young people”, and “paintings of children”, the Taitung County Government hopes the Austronesian Culture Festival not only allows people of the Austronesian language family to gain a better understanding of their own culture, but also allows people of other cultures to experience and respect this beauty.

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