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Taitung Logo
Taitung’s Identity
Taitung’s Urban Ideals — Pure, Hopeful, Natural
The Taitung County Government’s Ideals — Energetic, Enthusiastic, International
Taitung’s Atmosphere — Bright, Relaxing, Pure, Scenic
Taitung’s Overarching Theme — A paradise of health, beauty and hope

Design Concepts
The Taitung County logo features the combination of a moon-shaped stone column from a national historic site, the Taitung County flower (the butterfly orchid) and a Yami canoe. This logo exudes Taitung’s cultural diversity and ethnic harmony as well as its long and meaningful history.
The logo’s color palette is simple, bold and energetic. These natural colors convey Taitung’s laid-back atmosphere and unique way of life that centers around the ocean. The design comes together in the shape of a sail. This represents the vitality of Taitung at it sails towards a spot on the international stage.

International Partnerships with the Taitung County Government

CountryCityPartnership Start Date
AmericaStorm Lake, IowaApril 26, 1983
KoreaSokcho-si, Gangwon-doApril 16, 1992
HungaryDebrecen CityAug 19, 1995
PhilippinesBaguio CitySep 19, 2005

Taitung Internet Farm

Crop NameMonths GrownPlace GrownDescription
Sugar AppleDec-April
Beinan Township, Donghe, Taimali Township, Taitung City, Luye TownshipSugar apple production has been very successful in Taitung. Fruits produced here are two to three times larger than the fruits produced in other places. Sugar apple season starts in July and goes to January of the following year. During sugar apple season, large and fragrant sugar apples hang on the trees right beside the highway. Sweet like honey, soft yet chewy, some people in Taitung have even found it suitable to turn sugar apple into ice cream.
Valencia OrangeFeb-AprilDonghe Township, Chenggong Township, Guanshan TownshipValencia is a type of orange native to an island in Portugal. The famous Sunkist juice is made of this orange. In Taitung County, Valencia is mainly grown in Guanshan, Chenggong, and Donghe. The Valencia season is from March to April. Valencia takes approximately 14 months to grow. That is why they are extra sweet and fragrant. The Guanshan Farmers Association gave it an interesting and easy-to-remember name, “The Fragrant Orange.”
DaylilyMay-OctTaimali Township, Chishang Township, Jinfeng Township, Changbin TownshipTaitung has 3800 hectares of daylilies, stretching from Beinan to Donghe and Taimali. From August to October every year, countless numbers of tourists come into these areas to see golden daylilies. Farmers also serve up local cuisine featuring daylily.
MandarinNov-FebDonghe Township, Chenggong Township, Changbin Township, Taimali TownshipYou don't see Mandarins with big belly buttons at the grocery store very often. It is a specialty of Chenggong and Donghe. This variety of Mandarin has obvious bumps on its skin, just like a belly button. The fruit has a pleasant texture and is very sweet. Although it is very popular, production has not yet met demand. Therefore, if you want to get a taste, it is highly recommended that you place your order with the Farmers Association before winter comes.
RoselleNov-DecJinfeng Township, Taimali Township, Luye Township, Beinan TownshipThe hills of Luye, Beinan, Yanping, and Taimali are the main places where roselle is grown. Its red fleshy color is often used as a natural dye. Other than its special color, its flavor is also enchanting. Its sweet and sour flavor is popular amongst young women. Roselle blooms from December to January. It is often made into juices and jams. You can find roselle products in most shops in Taitung.
Fulu TeaAll YearLuye Township, Beinan TownshipLuye Highland is one of the most famous places in Taitung County where tea is grown. There are over 400 hectares of tea plantations on Luye Highland. You will certainly know where you are because the tea’s fragrance will guide you along the trails up to Luye Highland. The tea shops on Luye Highland always have freshly made Fulu Tea for visitors.
Taifeng TeaAll YearTaimali Township, Jinfeng TownshipTaifeng Tea is a newly developed crop. Taimali and Jinfeng Townships were originally places that mainly grew daylily. As the price of daylily started to fluctuate, farmers began to turn their daylily orchards into tea plantations. The humidity in this area is perfect for green Oolong, Jinxuan, and Cuiyu. Teas produced here are of the highest quality.
Skipjack Tuna JerkyAll YearChenggong Township, Taimali TownshipBlessed with the Kuroshio Current, fishermen sailing out of Chenggong Fishing Harbor are able to bring home lots of fish. Swordfish, tuna, and skipjack tuna are the most commonly caught fish near Chenggong. "Wood-fire fish jerky" made from skipjack tuna is especially popular. Only the muscles at the back of the belly are chosen to make this type of fish jerky. Raw fish meat is steamed and grilled into chunks and then shaved into thin slices. It is a natural seasoning common to many households in Taiwan.