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About the County Government
Magistrate of Taitung County,
April Yao
Educational Background
  • Media Education, M.A. - San Jose State University
  • Political Science, PhD. - National Taiwan Normal University
Work Experience
  • Chairperson of the Taitung County Council
  • Vice-Chairperson of the Taitung County Council
  • Standing Member of the KMT
  • Vice-chairperson of the KMT—Huangguodong Section
Administrative Vision

Magistrate Yao has a plan for Taitung. The foundation of this plan is her “Six major policies with one vision.” This includes tourism as a driver of economic growth and development, agricultural abundance, economic stimulus, value-added cultural products, educational reform, and social welfare. It emphasizes creating wellbeing for the citizens of Taitung and resolving central problems.
Abiding by the administrative mindset of “Citizens first, excellent service, continuing innovation and civic participation,” Yao strives towards building a beautiful county and creating a more livable city. She hopes to fully achieve her vision for the county so that Taitung becomes a hotspot for tourism and recreation. Furthermore, she hopes to enact her “Six major policies with one vision” as well as other corresponding strategies. She wants to help Taitung continue to develop as a prosperous county and build Taitung into a place that surpasses expectations.

Appointed Magistrates

MagistrateTook OfficeLeft OfficeRemarks
Xie ZhenOct 1945Dec 1945 
Xie ZhenJan 1946Sep 1947Taitung County Government was established in January of this year
Huang Shi-hongSep 1947Aug 1950 
Luo LiAug 1950Nov 1950 

Elected Magistrates

TermMagistrateTook OfficeLeft OfficeRemarks
1Chen Zheng-zongNov 1950Oct 1951 
Lu MingOct 1951March 1952The appointed substitute magistrate
2Wu Jin-yuMarch 1952Jun 1957The first magistrate after provisional election consecutive term
3Huang Tuo-rongJune 1957June 1960 
4Huang Tuo-rongJune 2, 1960June 2, 1964 
5Huang Shun-xingJune 2, 1964June 2, 1968 
6Huang Jing-fengJune 2, 1968Feb 1, 1974 
7Huang Jing-fengFeb 1, 1974July 16, 1976 
Li Xue-XunJuly 16, 1976Dec 20, 1977 
8Jiang Sheng-aiDec 20, 1977Dec 20, 1981 
9Jiang Sheng-aiDec 20, 1981Dec 20, 1985 
10Zheng LieDec 20, 1985Dec 20, 1989 
11Zheng LieDec 20, 1989Dec 20, 1993 
12Chen Jian-nianDec 20, 1993Dec 20, 1997 
13Chen Jian-nianDec 20, 1997Dec 20, 2001 
14Xu Qing-yuanDec 20, 2001Dec 20, 2005 
15Wu Jun-liDec 20, 2005Dec 20, 2005 
Lai Shun-xianDec 21, 2005April 16, 2006 
Kuang Li-zhenApril 17, 2006Dec 20, 2009Provisional election for the 15th magistrate
16Huang Jian-tingDec 20, 2009Dec 25, 2014 
17Huang Jian-tingDec 20, 2014Dec 20, 2018 
18Rao Qing-Ling
(April Yao)
Dec 25, 2018  
Taitung- More than meets the eye

Taitung has sweet, crisp air and an abundance of pristine land. The people here are optimistic and warm, simple and friendly. The mountains and the sea in Taitung seem to call out to you. People find it hard not to fall in love with Taitung, no matter who they are. I’ve always thought that the more international we become, the more we need to develop our unique local culture. The question becomes how to preserve an authentic, friendly and beautiful Taitung. Also, we must utilize our unique values and special character to promote Taitung as an authentic, friendly and beautiful region. This will make Taitung a place that can develop the local economy while balancing sustainable growth and quality of life for residents. We want people of all ages to enjoy the prosperity that Taitung’s “slowness” brings about. We have researched and developed the Slow Economy, which is now our core administrative policy.

Slowness is an intentional process. Ample time allows us to slowly forge a beautiful life. This makes the people of Taitung content in mind, body and soul. Slowness is a lifestyle that is unique to Taitung and a way to find true happiness.

However, slowness doesn’t mean that the government can stagnate and become inactive. We want to use the efficiency of fast thinking to highlight the value of Taitung’s slowness. This allows us to create even more substantial economic output.

From value-based leadership to consensus building, from local development to public works, health care and social welfare, we hope that slow can complement government efficiency and improve every aspect of our county through transparency, integration and innovative thinking. It requires us to set specific targets and accelerate the rate at which we accomplish our goals across the board. Speeding up administrative efficiency, supporting advocacy for the environment and having a taste for a leisurely slow lifestyle are the key factors in balancing fast and slow, the core logic behind promoting Taitung’s Slow Economy.

I hope that ten years from now, promoting these core principles will create a Taitung that is authentic, friendly and beautiful. I also hope that Taitung one day is the most livable city in Taiwan and becomes a prosperous region beyond what you can imagine today. I firmly believe that the Taitung of the future will become the world’s gateway into Taiwan and make people around the country proud.

I’d like to welcome everyone to Taitung. I hope you find your home away from home you’ve always dreamt of right here in Taitung.

Declaration of the values of the Slow Economy and direction of policy
  1. Promote sustainable Tourism based on people and the environment. Increase visitor’s respect for the natural environment and decrease conflict with traditional ways of life. Highlight local culture and stories to achieve comprehensive development of the local economy. Create a travel experience where 10,000 people visit 100 times over one where 1 million people visit once.
  2. Develop a sports industry that is connected to the natural environment. Create a value chain for Taitung’s sports industry through hot air balloon events, surfing, jogging, triathlons and other activities.
  3. Maintain a complete environment for agricultural production and traditional appearance of rural areas. Develop a high-value and refined agricultural industry through eco-friendly farming practices. Center Taitung’s agricultural brand around its pristine environment. Sell agricultural products to high-end markets in Taiwan and abroad.
  4. Bring together local agriculture and culture to develop unique local businesses. Make customers feel like they’re right at home through products that they can connect with.
  5. Maintain the best air quality and water resources in Taiwan. Don’t develop high-polluting industries. Use Taitung’s healthy environment to make Taitung the most livable place in Taiwan.
  6. Taitung has a diverse ethnic culture that includes recent immigrants, Hokkien, Hakka and indigenous people. Promote local civic aesthetics. Draft a cultural management blueprint. Establish a cultural brand that becomes more local as it becomes more international. Create a distinctly Taiwanese aesthetic through design.
  7. Enhance hospital capabilities and properly utilize telemedicine. Achieve objectives involving localizing medical treatment through technology. Create a health support network and promote comprehensive lifelong wellness. Build long-term residential-style care facilities for the elderly in Taitung. Increase the average lifespan of Taitung’s residents.