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About the County Government


Job Descriptions and Phone Numbers

Title/AgencyDescriptionPhone Number
MagistrateDirects the county administration and supervises staff and subsidiary units conducting local administrative work. Also, supervises affairs delegated from the central government.(089)322338
Ext. 200-201
Deputy MagistrateAssists the magistrate.(089)322004
Ext. 203-204
Chief SecretaryThe chief of staff. Takes orders and directions from the Magistrate and Deputy Magistrate.(089)330661
Ext. 205-206
Senior Consumer Ombudsman OfficerIn charge of consumer protection related affairs.(089)330577
Civil Service Ethics DepartmentSupervises government worker ethics and conducts legal education.(089)320247
Personnel DepartmentIn charge of personnel management and personnel related affairs.Examination, Appointment and Dismissal Section
Appraisal and Training Section
Retired and Benefits Section
Organization and Planning Section
Budget, Accounting and Statistics DepartmentIn charge of the annual budget, accounting, and statistics.Accounting Section
Review Section
Statistics Section
Budgeting Section
International Development and Planning DepartmentIn charge of general planning, information management, research and development, control and evaluation, journalism and communication, public relations, public services, international affairs, and Mainland China related affairs.Planning and Evaluation Section
Journalism and Communication Section
Public Service Section
Information Development Section
International Promotions Section
General Affairs DepartmentIn charge of the legal affairs, appeals, national indemnity, consumer disputes, legal eighths, authority seals, documents, files, general administration, public affairs, and other non-delegate affairs.Documentation Section
Legal Affairs Section
General Affairs Section
Archives Section
(089)326141 Ext.233-234
Indigenous People DepartmentIn charge of indigenous related affairs, including counseling, human resource development, cultural preservation and maintenance, reserve management and development, industrial development, economic development, infrastructure development.Culture and Education Administration Section
Tribal Village Economic Section
Reserve Land Section
Tribal Village Infrastructure Section
Social Welfare Section
Cultural Affairs DepartmentIn charge of historic documents and relics preservation, including preservation and reusing of traditional architecture, indigenous, and historic landmarks. Conducts folk culture studies and cultural/historic research, promotes community art and cultural activities. Assists cultural foundations, manages museums, promotes the performing arts, and develops human resources for the arts as well as manages public artwork, museums, and libraries.Library Management Section
Arts Promotion Section
Performing Arts Section
Visual Arts Section
Cultural Heritage Section
Transportation and Tourism Development DepartmentIn charge of tourism administration, tourism business management, development and resource utilization for tourism. Promotes tourism and conducts relevant technical engineering.Tourism Planning Section
Tourism Management Section
Tourism and Recreation Section
Taitung County Tourist Information Center
Traffic Affairs Section
Land Administration DepartmentIn charge of land registration, land rights, land prices, land uses, land zoning, land planning, land survey, sectional taxes, and general land administration.Land Survey Section
Land Use Section
Land Readjustment Section
Land Valuation Section
Land Cadaster and Information Section
Social Affairs DepartmentIn charge of social administration, social welfare, social insurance, labor administration, social aid, social work, cooperative administration, labor-employee relationships, labor organizations, labor criteria, labor welfare, employment placement, and labor safety and hygiene administration.Children and Women Welfare Section
Social Welfare Section
Labor Administration Section
Social Work Section
Social Assistance Section
Agriculture DepartmentIn charge of counseling for farmers, forestry, fishery, animal husbandry associations, agricultural planning, agriculture product wholesale management, farm land management, farm chemical use management, civil engineering, farm road management and maintenance, resource conservation, wild animal preservation, animal protection.Counseling Section
Soil and Water Conservation Section
Animal Science and Conservation Section
Fisheries Section
Forestry Section
Agricultural Affairs Section (089)327904
Education DepartmentIn charge of education administration, national education, social education, supplementary education, special education, early childhood education, teacher development and continuing education, health education, and sports education.School Affairs Section
School Facilities Section
Physical and Health Education Section
Curriculum Professional Development Section
Special and Early Childhood Education Section
Information Management and Life-long Education Section
Public Works DepartmentIn charge of civil engineering and transportation administration, construction management, water and irrigation engineering, sewage engineering, drainage engineering, illegal structure management, transportation engineering, and public projects.Civil Engineering Section
Water Resources Section
Public Works Section
Urban and Rural Environmental Engineering Section
Building Affairs Section
Urban Planning Section
New Construction Section
Finance and Economic Development DepartmentIn charge of financial administration, tax administration, tobacco/alcohol management, treasury account, public properties, public liabilities, public accounts, and local financial institution management.Financial Management Section
Treasury Section
Public Property Management Section
Business Development Section
Industry and Commerce Section
Tobacco and Alcohol Section
Civil Affairs DepartmentIn charge of civil administration, household registration, religions and customs, burial ground administration, mediation, public properties, military service registration, Hakka affairs.Local Governance Section
Household Registration Section
Religion and Folk Custom Section
Military Services Section
Hakka Affairs Section