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My Calendar to Taitung
Month activity Special Spots Remark
January Rape Flower Festival The season comes in between January and February. This view is fantastic along Tai 9 Expressway Guanshan and Cishang section.  
February Lenten Festival Activities
(Bombing Handan Lord)
Taitung City’s Lantern Festival temple fair is famous for the Bombing Handao Lord event. We see that attracts flocks after flocks of tourists into the city of Taitung and drive the visitors completely wild. activity area:Taitung City
March Yamis Flyfish Festival The Festival starts in mid-March. This is a ritual calling for the \fly fish are praying for good harvest. The aborigines treasure the resources of the ocean. Whatever that is not eaten are made into jerky for easy storage. activity area: Lanyu Township
April Bunun Festival This festival comes between mid- March and April. The Bununs are the guardians of the mountains; therefore, the most important festival is the Hunting Festival.  
May Whale Watching Benefited from the cross point of cool current and black tide, the offshore area of Chenggong is a ground for rich marine ecology as as swarms of whales.  The best season is from May to October each year.  Whale watching boats mostly starch from Singang (Chenggong) or the Fugang Yacht Club (Taitung Cit). The trip takes around two hours.  
June Boat Festival The Boat Festival is an extension of the Dawu culture of Lanyu (Orchid Island).  
July The Harvest Festival Each year from July to August, the tribes in Taitung hold their harvest festivals. A good example would be the Amis singing and dancing and the Rukai’s swing celebration.  
August Luye Parachute The parachute activity is linked with the tea orchards. The Luye Township terrace host an annual competition in August or September.

activity area: Luye Township
TEL:(089) 580149

September Taimali Daylily Season It is the most beautiful view in the country. The golden daylilies canvass the land.  
October Dulan Mountain Art Festival The beautiful and mystical Dulan Mountain is highly esteemed by the residents of Taitung. Jade pieces excavated from the prehistoric remains are extremely beautiful and the stone coffins are buried pointing to the Dulan Mountain. These are the proofs that Dulan Mountain is a sacred mountain of the pioneers and aborigines.  

Chenggong Swordfish Season

Jinfeng Roselle Season

The season comes in November each year and visitors are welcome.

Roselle are harvested in November each year.

activity area: Jinfong Township
TEL: (089) 751144
December December The Southern Island Cultural Festival is a showcase of the arts and cultures of the aborigines.