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Taitung Government CIS

Moon-shaped Stone PillarMoon-shaped Stone Pillars- An Ancient Cultural Landmark
The moon-shaped stone pillars behind Taitung Station are a first-tier national heritage site. These pillars are also the only part of the Beinan Site Park that are in their original location and condition. These stones have been standing in their current location for over 3000 years after being carried along the Beinan River all the way from Taiwan’s Central Mountain Range. These pillars have been deemed a heritage site of profound cultural and historic significance.

Yamis CanoesYamis Canoes- An Inspiring Artistic Maritime Lifestyle
The impeccable craftsmanship it takes to build a Yamis canoe is respected far and wide. These canoes embody the Yamis’ enduring heritage in terms of transportation, art, carving and culture. They also represent Taitung’s close ties with the sea. These ties have given rise to a unique maritime lifestyle.

Butterfly OrchidsButterfly Orchids- Taitung County’s Elegant Flower
Native to Dawu, Orchid Island and Green Island, the butterfly orchid is as white as snow and superbly elegant. The butterfly orchid has garnered international acclaim because it has won international orchid competitions. This flower now embodies the spirit of Taitung. The vibrant and colorful petals of Taitung’s logo symbolize the diversity, unity and harmony amongst the region’s ethnicities.

Mighty WavesMighty Waves- Awe-inspiring Coastal Wonders
Taitung’s world-renowned coastline is 231 kilometers long. Endless mystical rock formations and countless different microclimates make up Taiwan’s prettiest coastline. The unique scenery along this laid-back stretch of coastline showcase Taitung’s beautiful and precious landscapes.