Important Policy

★“Smart City Taitung”

Taitung is “smart”! Within the past few years, a team consisting of the local university, the government, and industry has been collaborating to develop innovative and sustainable ways to increase the quality and ease of life in Taitung. What have they been working on, you might ask? TTMaker, a 4G MakerSpace. The project weaves together big data analysis, digital platforms, industrial development, and forward-minded creativity to tackle the growing urban challenges of our developing city. From share-spaces to new internet-based apps that redefine several service industries, TTMaker is developing Taitung into an innovative, “smart”, and connected international city. In addition to TTMaker, Taitung is making life easier for visitors with the newly-launched public bike rental system, oBike. Just scan the QR code on the bicycle using the bike-sharing app, and you’re ready to go! In addition, did you know that Taitung provides the best Wi-Fi infrastructure in the country, with over 250 TT-Free Wi-Fi hotspots? Come check it out for yourself!

★ TTMaker Information:

★ TT-Free Wi-Fi information: