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Governor's Column

Official Appointment Period

Mayor's Name Time Resume Time Retire Remarks
Xie Zhen Oct. 1945 Dec. 1945  
Xie Zhen Jan. 1946 Sep. 1947 Taitung County Government was established in January of this year
Huang Shi-Hong Sep. 1947 Aug. 1950  
Luo Li Aug. 1950 Nov. 1950  


The Free Election Period

Year Mayor's Name Time Resume Time Retire Remarks
1 Chen Zheng-Zong Nov. 1950 Oct. 1951  
Lu Ming Oct. 1951 Mar. 1952 the appointed substitute Mayor
2 Wu Jin-Yu Mar. 1952 Jun. 1957 The first mayor after provisional election consecutive term
3 Huang Tuo-Rong June. 1957 June. 1960  
4 Huang Tuo-Rong Jun.2nd ,1960 Jun. 2nd,1964  
5 Huang Shun-Xing Jun.2nd ,1964 Jun. 2nd,1968  
6 Huang Jing-Feng Jun. 2nd ,1968 Feb. 1st,1974  
7 Huang Jing-Feng Feb. 1st ,1974 Jul.16th, 1976  
Li Xue-Xun Jul.16th,1976 Dec.20th, 1977  
8 Jiang Sheng-Ai Dec.20th,1977 Dec .20th,1981  
9 Jiang Sheng-Ai Dec.20th,1981 Dec .20th,1985  
10 Zheng Lie Dec.20th,1985 Dec .20th, 1989  
11 Zheng Lie Dec.20th,1989 Dec .20th,1993  
12 Chen Jian-Nian Dec.20th,1993 Dec.20th,1997  
13 Chen Jian-Nian Dec.20th,1997 Dec.20th,2001  
14 Xu Qing-Yuan Dec.20th,2001 Dec.20th,2005  
15 Wu Jun-Li Dec.20th,2005 Dec.20th,2005  
Lai Shun-Xian Dec.21th,2005 Apr.16th,2006  
Kuang Li-Zhen Apr.17th,2006 Dec.20th,2009

provisional election for the 15th mayor

16 Huang Jian-Ting Dec.20th,2009 Dec.25th,2014  
17 Huang Jian-Ting Dec.25th,2014 Dec.25th,2018  
18 Rao Qing-Ling Dec.25th,2018